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                                       Alvaen + Quiranda
                                      |                 |
                              Alandar + Rhaswen       Avenn
                              |              |
                           Ramault        Naliah


The first king of Liegendir was a man named Althelion Pireni, rumored to have been the human lover of the goddess Mariam. When he was mortally injured, the goddess wept tears of blood into his wound. From then on, the Pireni line has carried the blood of Mariam. This is said to grant each individual some kind of advantage, but what it is, remains unclear and is likely a closely guarded secret.

Current Events

As per Fall of the False Queen, the Pirenis have just recently returned to power. The Leonne Family had executed a takeover in which the Pirenis were forced to evacuate the country. A spell cast over the lands morphed the minds of millions; leading to great distrust of everyone involved once the enchantment was listed. Most people are ready to settle down and move on with their lives, tired of the suspicion and doubt concerning the nation's leaders. Others, however, are vociferous in their claims that the Pirenis are not the rightful leaders of Liegendir. After all, they were fooled once; it could happen again.

King Alandar's efforts are mainly focused externally, a fact that does not rest well with many people. His reign has been marked with invasions, attacks, and controversy. However, there have been bright points. His international diplomacy has brought two cities back into the fold: Crystal Caverns and Bramblebrook. This is an achievement unsurpassed in recent history.

When the Leonne Family took control of the country, many of the cities decided they did not like their policies and the way things were being run. Things became so bad, that several cities severed their ties with the Liegendir Nation and became seperate, autonomous city-states governed by racial leaders. The Pireni Family is exterting most of their efforts in order to bring those lost cities back.

Royal Lands

  • Semanri
  • D'Mare Fin
  • Cal'Ziz
  • Tes'Kata Village
  • Bramblebrook
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Mantaya Isle
  • (This also extends to Mount Lexaunze, although that is not a distinct city, village, or provinance.)

The Royal Seat is located outside of D'Mare Fin, near Tes'Kata Village.


Coming soon!

Line of Succession

The children of the King go by the title 'Prince' and 'Princess', while his brothers and sisters go by the title 'Royal Prince' and 'Royal Princess', as per tradition.

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