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                     Urael + Clarrine


The Leonne Family became the rulers of Liegendir when they usurped the Pireni Family. Typically referred to as 'The False Royals', this family did little to improve the situation of the country. It is widely agreed that while Urael took initiative to take the throne, his wife Clarrine later ran the show. All sorts of crimes and wrongdoing flourished under their reign, not just permitted but encouraged by the cruel Queen Clarrine. There was a great deal of discontent during this time, leading to the eventual schism that removed many cities from the Liegendir Nation. Their reign ended when a magical explosion killed King Urael, Queen Clarrine, and their daughter, Princess Jaenyl. No bodies were found; only ash survived. The more superstitious speculate that the False Royals are not really dead, that Queen Clarrine devised a spell to make them immortal. If so, there has been no sign of this.

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