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Special Announcement
Eaxia Online is now longer developed or supported. Please click here to read more...
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Welcome, Adventurer

Welcome to Eaxia Online, a text-based role-playing, fantasy adventure game!

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Dear Players,

Unfortunately, we feel that it is time to make the call that Eaxia will be no longer developed or supported. This was a hard decision that took a lot of thought, and is something that we are not pleased to have to do, but feel it is something that must be done at this point.

The game will still remain up in its current state, and available for playing. We have no plans to shut the game down, however there will be no development on systems, areas, etc, and no support unless there is a serious issue that needs addressing.

This is not to say that we will never be around, however! We may toss in a new something here and there if we feel so inclined an inspired, or might even just pop in for a couple of rounds of Castles!

Thank you all for understanding, and your continued support and enjoyment of the game over these past several years.

Eaxia Online is a fiercely imaginative text based fantasy role playing game which features epic struggles of good versus evil in a huge world of excitement and danger.  Whether you've played a number of online, massively multiplayer games, MUDs, and other RPGs or if you hail from a world of role playing, pen-and-paper dungeon mastering, Eaxia Online holds a life of adventure for you.

Take up arms and live the life of a brave and noble paladin, questing for the holy sake of your diety or study the mystical arcane ways of the powerful wizards.  Eaxia Online features five base classes to begin a life as and seventeen evolved classes to look forward to as well as fifteen unique races.  Complete character customization is possible in Eaxia!  We welcome you to come join us in an adventure unlike any other...

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