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Telin, Plated Attire
Light Armor on the Counter
a padded ivory vest belted with thick leather strapping20000
a padded red vest laced down the front with leather cording15000
Light Armor on the Mannequins
a long leather coat embellished with bronze studs30000
a black leather coat bearing the image of a skull and crossbones30000
Medium Armor on the Rack
some deep black scale mail edged with bronze60000
some highly polished chainmail woven into a pattern of cresting waves40000
a polished bronze breastplate detailed with black scales40000
a gray leather coat reinforced with strips of black hide35000
Heavy Armor on the Wall
some banded mail armor linked with black chain55000
some banded mail armor linked with bronze chain55000
some splint mail wrought from strips of bronze and black metal60000
some full plate armor embellished with deep black scrollwork70000
Telin, Sharp Metal Sticks
On the Rack
an elaborately hafted ranseur40000
a wickedly spiked ranseur with a long wooden haft35000
a simple ransuer with a warped wooden haft30000
a large double-ended pick32000
a small pick with a metal handle25000
a large pick with a simple wooden handle27000
On the Counter
a simple kukri with a wooden hilt20000
a heavy steel kukri with a leather-wrapped pommel25000
a wickedly curve-bladed kukri with a badger pommel35000
Wise Devil Inn, Saloon
a tankard of house ale20
a shotglass of strong tequila30
some watered-down whiskey10
some spicy chicken wings10
Telin, General Store
On the Counter
a stale blueberry muffin5
some day old bread5
On the Table
a silver brush embedded with sea-glass200
a plain wooden comb10
some cloth bandages50
On the Stand
a thin sailcloth haversack danging hooks and fishing line3000
a heavy sailcloth vest3000
a sailcloth gem pouch1000
Telin, The Tanned Hide
On the Counter
some curing salt20
a sewing bobbin20
a heavy sewing needle20
some leather lotion20
Telin, Pawn This
No items are sold here, but you can sell items to the shopkeeper
Telin, Gems and More
In the east room of this shop, you can sell gems
On the Counter
a woven chainmail bracelet5000
an elegant silver anklet dangling sea-glass and bells8000
a broad silver ring set with a stunning piece of sea-glass10000
a slender silver ring set with tiny sea-glass chips7000
a necklace made up of a number of tiny shells3000
On the Stand
an ensyiatite armband formed of woven links and beads8000
a thick silver ring inlaid with ensyiatite flecks7000
some gemcutting tools in a silvery pouch1000
an elegant silver bracelet dangling sea-glass and bells8000
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