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The Rurowli appear to resemble humanoid versions of large cats, with pointed ears on the tops of their heads, small noses with whiskers, oval heads, large luminous eyes and soft fur that is often hues of brown or tan; although gray, black, and buff are also common fur shades. Both males and females stand an average 5 feet tall, and weigh around 130 pounds. The males sport a wild mane, where the more delicately built female, has none. Their bodies bespeak a powerful grace. Long tails complete the feline look.

Males tend not to wear more than pants, while females often wear both pants and a light billowy shirt, designed not to hinder her movements. Their clothing is often adorned with beads and feathers or bits of bird bones.

The Rurowli are split between three types of societies. The largest is a nomadic plains dwelling group who form themselves into familial groups they call Prides. A Pride can have anywhere from 10-30 members, including children, whom they refer to as Kits.

The second group is forest and jungle dwellers that are far less nomadic than their plains living cousins. They form themselves into extended family groups that can reach over 100 individuals, which they call a Pard.

The last group is those who have left one of the other two and have moved into more heavily multi-racial populated areas, such as cities. They simply refer to themselves and any brethren in the community as Rurowli.

The Rurowli language is a hard one for non-Rurowli to master, due to its complexity. Meows, yowls, purrs and hisses play a part, but so too does body language. Much of the language in fact is dependent upon being able to read and interpret these body movements. How a Rurowli holds his/her head, or tail, for example speaks volumes to another Rurowli.

The Rurowli can speak common, though they often do so with a mixture of trilled R's as well as interjecting purrs, meows and the like.

Rurowli names are nearly unpronounceable by other races seeing as they are usually a series of meows, hisses, purrs and chirping sounds, so most adopt a second name, more suitable to dealing with the outside world. Often these names have a series of R's in them, as purring is much easier to do in Common. Both Males and females take names that are pleasing to their ears, and have no other real rhyme or reason. Trranrrra is an example of a name that could be either male or female.

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