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Keep in mind, all of this is subject to GM availability.

Add emotes: You can add emotes to items for $10. $10 will get you 10 different emotes/messages. They must be existing verbs in the game (RUB, SHAKE, PET, etc), and are subject to approval. You cannot force anyone to do anything, or any of that kinda stuff.

An emote is using a verb (RUB, SHAKE, PET, etc) to have an item give off a message.
Example: PET RING
You gently thumb your ring.
Player gently thumbs his ring.

Add atmos: Same as above. $10 for 10 messages.

You can add both to an item, but it will be $20.

House/room: $15 per room, includes 5 items (couch, chair, shelf, etc), with no looks. Additional items, or descriptions can be purchased at standard alteration price ($5). You can also add verbs/atmos for the regular price ($10)

Home Pin: $7 - teleports you to the outside of your home. Has to be some kind of a bauble or jewelry, you can design the tap/look/read.

Weddings: Handfasting and Wedding Info

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