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Master Bellar finishes his meditative prayers and stands to face you. "Yes, young xxxx, I see you are worthy of joining us. We have watched your progression in the Monk guild, and had hoped you would seek us out. The other instructors will be pleased." He bows slightly to you, which you return, but bow deeper in respect to this Master.

"Ah, young xxxx, it is good to see you did indeed learn your lessons well in the Monk Guild. Here, you will learn to train your mind, body and spirit to become a formidable warrior. However, we do not wish to see you join simply for the sake of becoming a bully or a fighter. The Path of a True Warrior lies in peace, and only acting when it is necessary."

[Are you sure you want to join the Martial Artist's guild? Type 'JOIN' again to confirm.]

join [Assuming you mean to 'ASK BELLAR ABOUT JOINING'.]

Master Bellar smiles at you. "Very good, young xxxx, you will be tought our ways. As I stressed before, we seek to become Warriors not to bully or attack others, but to defend ourselves, or those who call upon us to aid them. Only in being humble and learning the way of peace, can a person learn the true path of the Warrior. Come, follow me."

He leads you down and outside to a training area, where you see other Martial Artists in training. "Watch them closely young xxxx, as they practice their forms." You do as you are asked and watch intently as the Martial Artists practice their forms and are instructed by older, more experienced Martial Artists. Suddenly, you notice one young practitioner miss step his form and become angry. The admonitions of his instructor only seem to make him angrier. Shaking his head, Master Bellar calls the young human over. "Torwith, I have warned you about your lack of discipline would be your undoing. This is the last time. I must ask you, with a heavy heart, to leave this shoba and not return till you have mastered yourself." The young man looks about to speak, but a stern look from Master Bellar quashes the words before they are able to be uttered. Bowing, the young man gathers his things and leaves.

"I am sorry you had to see that young xxxx, but may it be a lesson that serves you well. Only by mastering your self, can you hope to master the way of the true warrior. I fear we will not see young Torwith again, but perhaps it is best that way. His is a spirit clouded by rage. Return with me to my meditation chamber."

[You are now a Martial Artist.]
[Your pre-title is now Chi Student.]

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