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Yeenol LoveKeeper welcomes you with a soft voice, "I'm proud to accept you into our fine Healer's guild, xxxx."

"We healers are experts in restoring life and repairing damage done to the physical body. Trained far beyond clerics, priests, and naturalists, none can compare with our abilities to quickly and efficiently eliminate pain and suffering."

"While our training typically centers around healing and curing ailments, we are not without protection, though our combat prowess is generally weak at best. An assortment of spells have been researched to lend protection and to relieve people and creatures of aggressive tendancies, if only for a short while. It is because of our intense training and studies on healing that we can no longer cast spells that inflict damage. It is a small sacrifice to Those We Worship in exchange for the divine power of healing."

Yeenol continues to explain in greater detail the gifts and abilities of Healers from practice to philosophy. After a long discussion and initial lectures, you are taught some beginner spells and instructed to bring peace, comfort, and healing to those you encounter.

Yeenol appends, "Should you need further enlightenment, please see me again. Good luck to you, xxxx, and welcome to our guild."

[You are now a Healer.]
[Your pre-title is now Attendant.]
[You learn the Pacifism spell.]
[You learn the Endurance spell.]
[You learn the Protective Aura spell.]
[You learn the Make Peace spell.]
[You learn the Return To Sanctuary spell.]
[You learn the Death Struggle spell.]
Your diety removes your capability to cast the divine spell of Inflict Light Wounds.
Your diety removes your capability to cast the divine spell of Magic Weapon.

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