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Magic In Eaxia, Spells


Magic Type Description
Arcane Arcane magic involves the direct manipulation of mystic energies. These manipulations require natural talent, long study, or both.
Divine Divine spells draw power from a divine source. Clerics and priests gain spell power from deities or from divine forces. The divine force of nature powers druid and ranger spells. The divine forces of law and good power paladin spells.
Elemental The elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Aether were first understood to be the binding forces of the world and everything in it. Elemental power is a higher understanding of Arcane, but involves very few schools of magic and preludes Essence magic.
Essence Essence magic draws its power directly from The Flow and is the highest form of understanding of all magics.
Holy magic is a higher understanding of divine magic as it pertains to the life of a Paladin and Priest.
Life Life magic surrounds all living beings, from plant to animal to sentient species. It is the study of nature and how it applies to the balance of life and the ongoing survival of the world.
Psionic Psionic energy is the study of The Flow between people and objects and the willing of one's environment to change based on the manipulation of that relationship.
Spirit Spirit magic is the study of The Flow within one's self and all living beings, although sometimes knowledge of The Flow itself is limited or absent. This kind of magic involves spiritual shielding, spiritual attacks, and spiritual preservation and healing.

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