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Role-Players Gaming Network and its affiliates respect the privacy of its on-line visitors and are committed to providing a secure environment for them. We have adopted an On-Line Privacy Policy that guides how we collect, store and use the information you provide us. This Privacy Policy details how Role-Players Gaming Network safeguards the privacy of its on-line visitors. Please note that when you link to other sites from any of the Role-Players Gaming Network web sites listed below, the Role-Players Gaming Network Privacy Policy does not apply to, and cannot control the activities on, those other sites. Also, this Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding our privacy statement or policies, please contact the Privacy Policy Administrator using our feedback form. This Privacy Policy currently applies to the following web sites operated by Role-Players Gaming Network:


Role-Players Gaming Network also owns other domain names, such as www.eaxiaonline.com, www.greatmuds.com, and www.bestmuds.com, that point to the websites listed above. In addition, we may add new web sites from time-to-time, which may or may not be explicitly listed.

What personal information is collected?

Role-Players Gaming Network only collects personal information on a voluntary basis. If an on-line visitor submits information to Role-Players Gaming Network, it will usually take the form of either: (1) the purchase of goods or services through our on-line stores; (2) contest registrations; (3) a consumer complaint; and/or (4) surveys. The requested information may include your name, age, home address, phone number, e-mail address, and/or birth date. Although we do not require this information to gain access to our sites, you may not be able to access certain areas that require subscription services unless such information is provided.

Visitors purchasing products or services through our on-line stores will be required to provide additional information such as a valid credit card number and expiration date.

What other types of information may we collect?

Your web browser or client software may transmit certain geographic information, your computer's electronic operating environment, or information regarding the capabilities or features of your computer to Role-Players Gaming Network. Role-Players Gaming Network may use this information to generate aggregate statistics about our user community or for security purposes. This information is never linked to you or your household in any way.

How do we use your personal information?

The personal information you provide Role-Players Gaming Network will allow us to fulfill your product or service order; alert you of new products, features, or enhancements; and/or notify you of upgrade opportunities, contests, or special events. We will never provide your personal information to other companies or organizations under any circumstances.

Who is collecting your information?

When you are asked for information while on a Role-Players Gaming Network site, you are sharing that information only with Role-Players Gaming Network and we will not disclose that information without your permission. Some services, however, are provided in conjunction with partner companies. If another company other than Role-Players Gaming Network is collecting your personal information, you will be notified at the time the information is collected (such as PayPal.com). If you do not want your information shared, you can choose not to allow the transfer of information by not using that particular service or by not providing any information at that time.

Please be aware that advertisers or web sites with links to our sites may collect personal information about you. And remember, the Role-Players Gaming Network Privacy Policy does not apply to, and cannot control the activities of, those other advertisers or web sites.

With whom may my personal information be shared?

Role-Players Gaming Network may disclose your personal information to third-party vendors for the purpose of fulfilling orders, processing mailings, or to analyze and/or store data. In special circumstances, we may also disclose such information if there is a violation of our End User License Agreements or our Terms of Service or Use Agreements or if we have a good faith belief that the law requires it.

Role-Players Gaming Network sites also have forum sections, where users can chat and exchange ideas and tactics. When posting to a forum, please be aware that the information posted is being made publicly available on-line and the user does so at his or her own risk.

What about children?

Children Under 13
We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information such as name, address, or email address from children under 13.

Note to Parents:
We recognize a special obligation to protect personal information obtained from young children. We urge parents to instruct their children to never give out their real names, addresses, or phone numbers, without permission, when on-line. No information should be submitted to Role-Players Gaming Network by children 12 and under. Children under the age of 17 and over the age of 12 should encourage their parents to review this privacy policy and to contact us to raise any concerns.

What are cookies and how do you use them?

Role-Players Gaming Network uses cookies on its web sites. Cookies are a feature of your web browser that allows web sites to transfer bits of information to your computer for record-keeping purposes. A cookie stored on your computer can be used to "remember" things like your password, or that you have already registered. This allows us to speed up your future activities, saving the time you would normally spend entering information such as your password or registration. Role-Players Gaming Network does not use cookies to retrieve user information for promotional, marketing, or security purposes.

What are internet protocol addresses?

An Internet protocol ("IP") address is the unique number assigned to your server or Internet Service Provider ("ISP"). Role-Players Gaming Network may keep track of IP addresses for system administration, to report aggregate information, or to prevent our servers from being abused.

What do I do if I want to correct or review my personal information?

If for any reason you are concerned with the way we are using your personal information, or would like to correct or request that we cease from using such personal information, please contact Role-Players Gaming Network by contacting us using our feedback form.

How secure is my personal information?

Role-Players Gaming Network has taken steps to assure that all information collected will remain secure and in its original form, i.e. free from any alteration. As such, access to all personal information is strictly controlled. When credit card information is transmitted, for example, we use industry standard, SSL (secure socket layer) encryption (or our partners do, such as PayPal.com). In addition, we will take reasonable steps to assure that third parties to whom we transfer any data will provide sufficient protection of personal information.

What if I have a question or complaint?

If you have any questions or wish to file a complaint, please feel free to contact us using our feedback form or send a letter addressed to Role-Players Gaming Network at P.O. Box 6614, Jacksonville, FL  32236-6614.

By using the Role-Players Gaming Network web sites and services listed herein, you signify your assent to the Role-Players Gaming Network Privacy Policy (this document and any ammendments).

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