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Eaxia Online... an adventure unlike any other
Eaxia Online features epic struggles of good versus evil in a fantasy, text-based world. Whether you've played a number of online, massively-multiplayer games, MUDs, and other RPGs or if you hail from a world of role-playing, pen-and-paper dungeon mastering, Eaxia Online holds a life of adventure for you.

Take up arms and live the life of a brave and noble paladin, questing for the holy sake of your diety or study the mystical arcane ways of the powerful wizards. Eaxia Online features five base classes to begin a life as and seventeen evolved classes to look forward to as well as over twenty unique races. Complete character customization is possible in Eaxia! We welcome you to come join us in an adventure unlike any other....

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Haelrahv... a new world in gaming
Haelrahv is a text-based sci-fi fantasy set in the future on a unique realm in which you play the part of one of many adventurers. Be a mercenary for hire, a stealthy agent, the life-saving medic, a powerful master of the mental arts and more as you explore alien worlds and meet new friends.

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