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Classes & Guilds, Rangers


Vital Statistics:
prestige class (levels 15+)
average pain tolerance
average physical defense
good combatant

Evolution Options:
from Fighter
from Traveler

Guild Location:
wilderness northwest of Semanri (outside the city)

Ability List:
Track any learned from base class

Spell List:
Entangle (disabled)
Rangers come from two diverse backgrounds, those of a Fighter who has an enduring love of the outdoors, using his/her skills in the wilderness to hunt prey. Travelers also may join this guild, either for many of the same reasons that a Fighter might, or to use their skills to become famous/infamous outlaws and bandits.

Both are well suited to the task, as each come with their own set of survival skills. Fighters are used to hunting prey and overpowering it with mastery of arms, while a Traveler is the master of survival by one's own wits.

Many Rangers see nature as something to protect, but there are always those who see it as a resource to exploit. All this depends upon the mindset of the individual Ranger. They can use their skills to track down evil foes, or potential victims, as well as animals for food or sport. Most of the races that live in the wilds respect those who use their skills to protect nature and all within it, while reviling those who exploit nature for personal gain. The former group usually is on good terms with other guilds that revere nature, particularly Druids, while these same groups consider those who seek to exploit natural resources enemies.

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