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Classes & Guilds, Travelers


Vital Statistics:
base class (levels 1-20)
average pain tolerance
average physical defense
average combatant

Prestige Options:

Guild Location:
City of Cal'ziz, in a tavern in the northwest section

Ability List:
Light Armor
Simple Weapon (dagger)
Simple Weapon (mace, all)
Simple Weapon (club)
Simple Weapon (quarterstaff)
Simple Weapon (morningstar)
Simple Weapon (crossbow, all)
Simple Weapon (dart)
Martial Weapon (sap)
Martial Weapon (shortbow, all)
Martial Weapon (short sword)
Martial Weapon (rapier)
Exotic Weapon (hand crossbow)

Other Class Features:
can disable traps, some weapon abilities not available to gnomes
Travelers are an unusual class, in that they do not fit a certain mold. Some are thieves or expert locksmiths, while others are jacks of all trades. They can choose to use their fine agility and coordination to pick your pocket or draw a detailed map to lead friends through a complex dungeon. They may be silver-tongued with a gift of banter, or even song, or they may be as silent as a shadow. With Travelers, there is no standard personality.

Travelers adventure to get things. Whether it is some precious rare treasure, notoriety, fame or fortune, improving one's views is always their paramount ideal. Many love a good challenge. A paladin's pocket, persuading a particularly stubborn guard or conversing with a king, all fall into the scope of what a traveler would find fun.

While not skilled in heavy armors or weapons, and certainly not the most adept of fighters, travelers are masters of stealth, sneak attacks and hitting just where it can hurt the most. Their most prized skills are based on agility and coordination and a traveler can pick, escape or outtalk their way out of even the most difficult of situations. They make grand escape artists, often seeming to disappear into thin air, and can use magic devices and scrolls, often to create grand effects to dazzle the audience.

Travelers are an independent lot, however they do tend to watch out for one another. Most times the young traveler struggles along without a mentor, and more often than not, the last person a traveler trusts is another of his class. However, sometimes an older traveler will take the younger under his or her wing, and "teach" them the tools of the trade. There are also rumors of fellowships within the traveler class; through presumably these are secret societies.

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