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Classes & Guilds, Fighters


Vital Statistics:
base class (levels 1-20)
high pain tolerance
great physical defense
excellent combatant

Prestige Options:

Guild Location:
City of Semanri, south of town square

Ability List:
Light Armor Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency (all)
Martial Weapon Proficiency (all)
Shield Proficiency
A fighter can encompass a wide range of types, from the noble champion of a cause, to a hardened guard, to a stalwart defender of a town against marauding beasts. Some are the land's most revered citizens while there are others who strike fear into the populace. They may align themselves to groups, causes and be a solitary adventurer. One thing about fighters is that not one of them fits a specific mold.

Most Fighters adventure for a cause, whether it is their own, to gain experience and skill and fame, or work as paid swords to protect or defend at their patron's whim. Others live a solitary existence, battling where the fights are found and traveling the lands.

Fighters epitomize the raw talents of mundane combat. They pick up the use of weapons and armors with ease. Their natural talent, when coupled by their martial focus and their constant practice of combat is how they manage to excel. As such, fighters are usually well disciplined.

Fighters come into their profession in numerous ways. While most are formally trained as part of militias or a noble's army, occasionally some are self-taught. The rigors of a Fighter's lifestyle however lead them to almost always have one thing in common: A physically healthy personae.

Fighters generally do not see themselves as holding any special brotherhood. Though fighters banded together in service, or those trained in the same militia or army, will often find some camaraderie.

Strength and an enduring stamina are the primary abilities that a Fighter usually looks for as well as a good agility and coordination, particularly if the Fighter wishes to become an expert in missile weapons.

From the moment a Fighter joins the guild, they are taught the use of most weapons commonly found throughout the lands of Eaxia, as well as most common armor and shield skills, making them formidable foes in combat.

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