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Classes & Guilds, Paladins


Vital Statistics:
prestige class (levels 15+)
great pain tolerance
excellent physical defense
great combatant

Evolution Options:
from Fighter
from Cleric

Guild Location:
Tes'Kata Village

Ability List:
Lay On Hands
Protect Others
Inspire Others
Bless Weapon any learned from base class

Spell List:
...any learned from base class
Paladins are those Fighters or Clerics who have been called by their Deity to a higher purpose, that of being the holy defenders of the temples, shrines and congregations of worshipers.

The public at large often holds a misconception, since they see these Paladins as defenders, that all Paladins are good. This is not the case. Any God may call upon his/her worshiper to become a Paladin. They defend the tenants of their religion with the might only a zealot can command.

Clerics who join this guild are often permitted by their deity to retain the spells they learned as a Cleric, but are forbidden from learning any further clerical spells. Rather, they are taught new spells and abilities the Gods have devised solely for their paladins.

Fighters gain all their skills learned from their former guild, but never gain access to Clerical magics. However, like the new recruits from the ranks of the clerical guild, they are trained in spells and abilities that only a Paladin may use.

Paladins do, however gain the same ability as Clerics of commanding undead. Good Paladins can destroy these abominations, while evil ones can control them to further their own aims. Some Paladins worship Deities that are more morally ambiguous, and can do either, as the situation calls for it.

Paladins are looked upon as leaders, and as such need a charismatic force of will, as well as the wisdom to know how to best serve their Deity.

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