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Classes & Guilds, Clerics


Vital Statistics:
base class (levels 1-20)
good pain tolerance
good physical defense
average combatant

Prestige Options:

Guild Location:
City of Cal'ziz, near town center

Ability List:
Light Armor Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency (all)
Shield Proficiency

Spell List:
Cure Light Wounds, Inflict Light Wounds, Magic Weapon, Cure Moderate Wounds, Protection From Evil, Death Watch, Cure Poison, Lesser Restoration, Resurrection
The impact of gods on many facets of life, especially those choosing to walk the path of divine favor, cannot be underestimated. Good clerics heal, feed and protect those in need, while evil clerics sabotage and destroy. In the middle between good and evil walk those clerics of the balance, never straying far from a path of neutrality. In every facet of life the gods have a hand, and those of profound faith most keenly feel this. A cleric uses powers granted by the gods; in fact he or she taps the very essence of magic to use with the god's blessing.

As a cleric grows in power and level they learn more about the gods of Eaxia through religious study and practice. This religious study is quite necessary in allowing them to tap into the magic of the gods to use. As they gain power and experience they may wish to become more specialized and choose a single class/alignment path that can eventually lead to devoting one's self to a single god. They may just as easily never specialize, choosing instead to worship many gods and be more of a generalist.

Clerics are masters of magic, using their god given spells most often to aid others. Most clerics are adept healers and capable fighters. Because their magic is a divine gift, they are able to use armor and shields, where a mage cannot. Clerics also have a divine relationship with undead: the good are able to turn and destroy them and the evil may control them, using them to their own purpose.

Clerics need a good understanding of the Gods, and the wisdom to put that knowledge to use. While most Clerics are polytheistic, venerating most if not all of the Gods (or at least appeasing the darker ones), some within this guild begin to form strong bonds with one or more of the Deities.

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