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Classes & Guilds, Druids


Vital Statistics:
prestige class (levels 15+)
average pain tolerance
good physical defense
good combatant

Evolution Options:
from Cleric
from Monk

Guild Location:
Tes'Kata Village

Ability List:
Wildlife Knowledge Shapeshifting any learned from base class

Spell List:
Conjure Herb
Horns of the Wilds
Calm Animal
Chameleon Skin
Pelloni's Gift
Insight some learned from base class
The Druid Guild is made up of those Clerics and Monks who's view of Nature, and of all life is that it is interconnected.

While most Druids come from the Cleric guild, usually former worshipers of deities who oversaw the various aspects of Nature, Druids now revere Nature, and all life, as Divine. They have a keen understanding of how the Flow, the essence of creation, interacts with all things, and thus see all things as having a spark of the Divine in them. Nothing is truer in their minds than the wild untamed parts of Nature.

Monks, who as part of their studies, have also felt this spark within all living things have left their monasteries to become one with the life force of Eaxia.

Druids as a whole spend much of their time tending to Sacred groves, as well as the other flora and fauna of Eaxia. Druids who were once able to cast Clerical spells retain that skill, but are banned from learning any new spells of a Holy nature. Rather, they now tap into the Life energies of all of Eaxia to power their spells.

Druids usually shun combat, but if need arises, they are trained by the former monks who helped found this guild in the art of unarmed combat. While some Druids remain Adventurers, most are content to care for the natural world. However, any desecration of Nature will stir their ire, and the fury of a Druid is a sight to behold. They are able to call upon the very flora, fauna and even elements that make up Eaxia to aid them in their struggles to keep Nature safe.

Some view Druids with a little contempt, seeing them as having turned their back on society and caring more for Nature than for their fellow Eaxians. This stems mainly from the fact that a Druid will ally him/herself with groups and races that dwell in the wilds to prevent rampant urbanization, as well as seeing life and death as part of the natural order of things. With regard to this, it is not unheard of, even if the Druid is blessed with the spell to do so, for a Druid to refuse to raise someone from the dead, as this would upset the natural flow of life/death/rebirth cycle. Most Druids, however, weigh the circumstances around the death to determine the best cause of action. As long as the death was not from natural causes, such as old age or illness, they will raise the dead back to life, if they can.

As with Clerics and Monks, wisdom to see what should be done is valued highly by Druids.

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