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All recorded NEWS item since December, 2001:

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December, 2001      BACK
12.02.2001 D'Mare fin opened! (look for a caravan at Semanri's north gate)

12.02.2001 Monk guild opened!

12.03.2001 Changes to the treasure system (look for boxes and rogues to disable them).

12.04.2001 Spell failure (watch that armor, mages and clerics), dexterity penalities for armor, and skill-check penalties for armor went live.

12.05.2001 Your chance to enter Eaxia's Raffle is rapidly running out! Tickets are only avaliable until December 14, 2001. The Raffle drawing will take place on December 16, 2001 at noon PST, so hurry and participate! If you have an existing fundraiser order, and would like to include more Raffle tickets, e-mail GameMaster Liss at: <e-mail removed> Happy adventures and good luck!

12.05.2001 Invaders quest? (Type 'NEWS 1' for more information.)

January, 2002      BACK
01.03.2002 The skills system was recently fixed. Previously, you may have been able to train skills *higher* than what you were allowed (the limit was broken). Now that the limit is fixed, it may be a level or two (or maybe longer) for you to be able to train those particular skills again. This fix affects all classes.

01.06.2002 A Player Agreement Policy has been posted at Please read/review the policy. All accounts that continue to play will be assumed to have read and agreed to this policy.

01.12.2002 Ranger guild opened!

01.15.2002 SNEAK command released. E-mail <e-mail removed> if there are any problems with it.

Feburary, 2002      BACK
02.01.2002 Eaxia merchandise is finally here! I've heard a lot of requests for tee-shirts to mouse pads and all kinds of other things. For more information, see our website at

02.02.2002 Disabling devices now gives experience.

02.02.2002 First craft is released -- gemcutting. This is the first of many crafts and professions to be released that give players an alternate method of experience and gold gain. This one requires a solid working knowledge of crafts and gem-cutting tools. Rogues will find this skill the easiest to practice, but anyone is welcome to try.

02.13.2002 Blessed weapons released. Look for a cleric three west of [Semanri, Northwest Town Square]. You can have him 'DIP' your weapon in the holy water there.

02.13.2002 New hunting area released. Specters now wander about in the deepest corner of the Semanri cemetary and require blessed weapons to strike.

02.18.2002 Skill training bug should be fixed. Please let us know if there are any problems with it. Refer comments or questions to <e-mail removed>.

02.19.2002 Spell casts have been fixed for Mages with 22-23 in Intelligence and Clerics with 22-23 in Wisdom. It was previously giving you double your ability score bonus for spell casts.

02.21.2002 Fixed the "temp object" bug.

02.23.2002 Hunting experience ranges have been exponentially increased for higher-level characters. In otherwords, the experience penalty for hunting above or below your level is less severe at higher levels.

02.23.2002 Wizard class released in D'Mare Fin. This class allows Mages to advance beyond level 20, includes more spells and spell casts, and paves the way for future classes and professions.

02.23.2002 Ranger ability TRACK released.

March, 2002      BACK
03.12.2002 New "Invader's Quest" dates released. End-of-quest treasure has been changed. Remember: the single-ticket price has dropped from $18.00 to $15.00.

03.13.2002 Arrival/death messages added system-wide.

03.14.2002 Guild rosters for all guilds have been created. check your guild out today!

03.14.2002 The 'SET' command is live and will allow you to toggle on/off arrival and death messages sent to you. There is no way to hide your messages from being displayed to other people.

03.15.2002 New death messaging for jungathas and titans.

03.15.2002 Cure Light Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, and Lesser Restoration now give experience for casting them on someone else.

03.21.2002 The TITLE command is now functional and works for all existing titles and classes.

03.21.2002 Exxy "The Incredible" went through 130 different emote commands and related systems to allow you to do many more things during your roundtime, including whispering. Enjoy your freedom and thank Emeria for getting me to do it.

03.28.2002 Objects can now have items on, under, and behind them, instead of just inside them. As well, if you are not holding the object that you are getting something out of, it now says "the <object>" instead of "your <object>". This was apparently backwards before.

April, 2002      BACK
04.14.2002 only four items with magical effects can be used at the same time. The rest will be ignored. For instance, if you have five rings that give you a bonus to strength (and no other magical items worn), then only four will work. If you have more than four items that have magical effects, the order they are worn in determines which four are actually effective.

04.25.2002 Healing potions only heal you gradually from now on. If you have a question or concern about this change, write to <e-mail removed>.

04.26.2002 Made some account fixes, particularly to trial and pre-live (beta) accounts involving the number of character slots they could use.

04.26.2002 Made several changes to the core operation of the engine, which should give us increased performance (less laggy). Among the changes, I also increased the rate at which players heal. You should heal naturally four times faster now.

04.26.2002 Combat system re-written. I wrote all the mechanics over again from scratch, hopefully this will eliminate some of the dreaded combat bugs out there like the engagement bug.

04.27.2002 You may log into your account through the website for your current Fundraiser status. If you do not see 'Fundraiser status' after logging into your account on the website, then you may not currently have a fundraiser order with us. Contact us at <e-mail removed> if you have any questions or concerns.

May, 2002      BACK
05.18.2002 New alchemy system is released. Look for more updates to this as time progresses.

05.26.2002 Fundraiser updates for all accounts have been updated. Log into your account at for details on your current Fundraiser status.

June, 2002      BACK
06.11.2002 Official Developmental Schedule and Direction section posted to our website. We will update this area to keep you better informed of our upcoming developmental plans for Eaxia and what you should expect in the future. See for more information.

06.16.2002 Please welcome four new additions to the Eaxia staff family: Asmoth, Astracon, Meigion, and Sylvia. All of which will be working in our systems development department!

06.16.2002 Take a moment to visit our official Eaxian supporters.

06.18.2002 Alchemy system still under heavy development. Mortars introduced into the treasure system for one type of creature.

06.19.2002 Official map for the city of Semanri has been released. See for more information.

06.20.2002 Worn slots fixed for ear, shoulder, wrist, thigh, and ankle. There was previously no limit to the number of items worn in these areas (oops!).

06.20.2002 Fixed a database error that was causing some objects and items left on the ground (in any room) to not save to the database properly during system shutdown. Most of you have noticed this when you have seen objects like "- - phdata_gexit3" in rooms. I went around and fixed all of them, so you shouldn't see them ever again -- but if you do, please let us know immediately. Thank you. :)

06.20.2002 EaxiaConnect 3.00 beta released at our website. Check out our new client!

06.20.2002 Stores and homes have been fixed. They were previously reporting errors due to an update in one of our related systems that conflicted with how the old system operated.

06.22.2002 Lesser skeletons can no longer be stunned by Stunning Fist (as they do not have a central nervous system).

06.22.2002 Green goblins have been made slightly more challenging.

06.22.2002 Changes made to the experience system! The way combat experience is awarded and calculated has been changed slightly. There is now a extra piece to the puzzle of what constitutes the difficulty of the creature you are fighting, not just the creature's level. The challenge rating takes into effect different strengths and weaknesses of you versus the creature you are fighting. As a result, mages, clerics, and rogues, to different degrees, will be awarded slightly higher amounts of combat experience than in the past and be able to hunt a little more above their levels with fewer penalties to compensate for the challenge rating. Experiment and provide feedback to <e-mail removed>. Enjoy!

06.24.2002 Tiny gnomes have been fixed. There was apparently a bug that prevented them from taking any kind of magical damage.

06.24.2002 WizardColor system under experimental development. Type SET WIZARDCOLOR ON to enable the WizardColor system. The Wizard software client supports server-side request to temporarily highlight text with different colors. Currently only the Magic Missile spell supports this feature (from first-person perspective only). See the next NEWS item for more details on what was changed with Magic Missile.

06.24.2002 Magic Missile has been updated to support the Wizard Color system (Mages and Wizards will notice the color change when they prepare, release, and cast this spell). Please provide feedback on how you like it. The cap has also been raised from a maximum of 5 missiles to 10 missiles.

06.24.2002 We have developed an online privacy policy for the Eaxia Online. You may view this policy at Send any questions or concerns to <e-mail removed>.

06.30.2002 Death system changes! We're migrating towards a corpse/resurrection system so be alert that you will now be rendered useless if you die. You can type 'RELEASE' as a corpse to invoke the old death system mechanics.

06.30.2002 DRAG command released (gee, guess what IT does). Only usable on people (not on NPCs or objects) and currently does not support GO exits (we'll add support for that later). Enjoy.

06.30.2002 The local Wizard's guild of D'Mare Fin announces that it now has mages on staff who can perform soul-released ressurrections for those adventuring in D'Mare Fin. When you RELEASE your soul in this magnificent city, you will now appear at the Wizard's spire.

06.30.2002 When you die, you now drop all items you were holding (not wearing) and any gold you had on you. You may wish to have a comrad or friend watch your items while you RELEASE your soul so that they will be guarded until you return. You will also leave behind a grave with the remainder of your inventory, but these items are safe from janitorization and other players.

06.30.2002 Resurrection spell released for clerics. This spell is currently only available from other people who know it. If you are not able to find a willing teacher, you will have to wait until the treasure system is rebuilt before finding spell scrolls with Resurrection on them.

July, 2002      BACK
07.08.2002 Druid guild in Tes'Kata Village welcomes new members.

07.08.2002 Clerical magic for druids has been fixed (sorry about that).

07.10.2002 Treasure system rewrite. Most of the existing creatures now use the new treasure system, which features a more balanced system for awarding treasure based on difficulty as well as making it easy for us to add new treasure to a variety of creatures. Included in the new treasure system are the spells 'Resurrection', 'Summon Shadows', 'Blizzard', 'Lesser Restoration', and 'Bless', eight new gems (rare, in difficult boxes only), treasure for NPCs such as tribal hunters, huge giants, and fierce ogres, and random treasures (like mortars) for multiple creatures. Please report any bugs to Exxy (either REPORT or <e-mail removed>). Enjoy!

07.17.2002 Our primary motherboard/CPU went bad yesterday and caused many lock-ups and server resets. After a lengthy full rebuild of our server, we should now be back into full operation again. We appologize for the inconvenience, but these things do happen. No data was lost! We have an elaborate backup system that makes sure everything is in its place. Thank you again for your support and understanding!

07.22.2002 Disable Device experience now awarded to rogues.

07.24.2002 Weapon and weapon damage type messaging has been removed from the ATTACK command. Changes to APPRAISE will now show this information and a whole lot more.

07.30.2002 Due to large abuse of game mechanics, effective immediately all healing and resurrecting spells will yield exactly NO experience awarded. This change will last until we can address the problem in a less drastic way. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail <e-mail removed>.

07.31.2002 Offensive spells can now be prepared at specific NPC targets (first giant, second giant, etc.). As with any other system, once you prepare at particular target, if another enters or leaves, the actual target won't change. For instance, if you PREPARE FIREBALL SECOND GIANT and two more come in, you'll still be targetting the one you wanted (which is now the fourth giant).

August, 2002      BACK
08.07.2002 Recent sightings outside of Cal'Ziz of disgusting creatures make local Semanrians very uneasy. The city may be in need of brave warriors seeking to combat this problem.

08.07.2002 Scorpions now have poison (which has been fixed to only be able to strike you with it if they are at melee with you). In response, the spell Cure Poison is live and has been released in our global treasure system for all creature box types.

08.08.2002 Spell teaching system updated with seven new spells (all existing spells are now teachable). Mages and Wizards can teach each other Mage-based spells now. Some syntax fixes have been made to this system as well (it didn't like abbreviations for some spells). Spells can be taught in the meditation room. See for a map of Semanri for details on where to find the meditation room.

08.08.2002 Entangle spell released for Rangers and Druids (life magic spell). The spell is in the treasure system (happy hunting) and is live for the spell teaching system (meditation room). Enjoy!

08.08.2002 Alchemy system updated: cure poison potion can now be made.

08.08.2002 A problem with the cure poison potions caused the game to crash in such a way that the object database was partially overwritten. We should be recovered from this nearly 100% but unfortunately had to be offline for approximately 20 minutes. Please contact Exxy if you have any questions.

08.09.2002 New spell released for Wizards: Flash (second-level). Causes your target to be stunned for a brief length of time. Also live in the spell-teaching system and treasure subsystem.

08.09.2002 Reports from Mantaya Isle make their way to Semanri and tell of viscious beasts who have decided to make their home on the peaceful island! One expert was noted to mention that the beasts were unlike anything he'd ever seen, even more powerful and violent than the titans!

08.09.2002 I warned you guys it would happen some day... wearing and removing armor now gives a roundtime. The length of the roundtime is directly proportionate to the weight of the armor. Takes half the time to remove it as it does to wear it. This will prevent the large abuse from spellcasters who have been removing their armor to cast then wearing it again to avoid the arcane spell failure rate during casting (tsk tsk).

08.09.2002 The city officials in D'Mare Fin have arranged for a sea-going transport to be available. The "RazorWave" now sails between the Kittiwake Dock in D'Mare Fin to the Mantaya Isle. There is currently no fare to ride.

08.12.2002 A new breed of sand-creatures exist. Find tartaruchians in the Loup'Garou desert out of Cal'Ziz's south gate. This area is intended for characters of levels 19th through 24th.

08.14.2002 New armor shop opened in D'Mare Fin!

08.15.2002 A shimmering dome over the area of D'Mare Fin flares upward, and shatters. Glittering remnants of a broken illusion fall towards the earth, and disappear, as if they never were. After the sighting of this dome the jungle that was in D'Mare Fin was no longer. Now there is a huge forest and rumor has it that different sorts of giants roam that area now, please proceed with caution.

08.18.2002 New clothing shop opened in D'Mare Fin!

08.19.2002 Crystal fragments have undergone a much-needed change. For many, many months we have considered different options for combatting the problem of over-use and over-dependancy of the crystal fragments. We thought of bonding them, we considered having them cause damage on use, we even raised the prices on them considerably. We feel that this change is the best course of action though. Now, crystal fragments need to be charged to use. To charge a crystal fragment, hold it in your left hand and hold a gem in your right hand. Then APPLY the gem to your crystal fragment. Different gems lead to different locations. We have added several new locations in this process and as of right now you can make your way to twelve different locations, one of which was previously not accessable at all! Please write to <e-mail removed> if you have any questions regarding this change.

08.19.2002 The pirate's dungeon section of the Invader's Quest has now been reopened (this is Istillian Islands island #2). This area was previously part of a quest and has been developed to be a standard gaming area now. Crystal fragments charged with obsidians are the only way in at the moment as well they are the only way out, so be careful! (Yes, you can obtain gems in this area) The spiders are intended to be hunted by characters of levels 6th through 8th and the pirates/buccaneers are intended to be hunted by characters of levels 8th through 10th.

08.20.2002 The caravan from D'Mare Fin to Semanri has been sped up. Yay.

08.20.2002 Banking officials from the region are pleased to announce the grand opening of the D'Mare Fin City Depository, which will now handle all transactions for the area as an official branch of Eaxia Banking Inc. The new branch is said to be located on Sandpiper Street.

08.21.2002 We reset our router, which was apparently causing some very bad lag. Please let us know if there are any other severe system delay problems. Thanks!

08.21.2002 The Semanri Thieves' guild announces... NOTHING! (They're secret, sneaky!) They are now open, however, if you can find the guildhall.

08.22.2002 We have moved over to verbose (text) versions for representations of health. You won't see "hit points" or "health points" anymore, but a description of how healthy you are (including if you're poisoned or not).

08.24.2002 Due to game-wide controversy, we are conducting a poll with regards to the change on our crystal fragments. You can vote at:

08.24.2002 Added a poll for the new health representation too. Please vote on that and tell us how you feel!

08.24.2002 Red Square housing community has opened off of Soulstone Street in Semanri. Homes ordered through Naga and her team of builders have been opened! Look forward to their further development of this residential area.

08.25.2002 As a result from incredible player response, effective immediately all crystal fragments have been restored to their original usage.

08.27.2002 Stabalized (and sped up) combat engagement times.

08.27.2002 Made some pretty large changes in the way our custom object events are handled internally which now uses a structured indexing system rather than a systematic scan. The effect is that the new system is quicker than the old, relieving some of the lag you all have been experiencing from time to time. Please let me know how much of a change this fix is apparent for you. REPORT to Exxy with comments.

08.27.2002 GameMaster Sylvia has finished completely revamping the stealing system and the changes are now live.

08.29.2002 Hiding and searching have been completely rewritten and are now live.

08.29.2002 Paladin abilities Lay Hands, Bless Weapon, Defensive Bonus, Protect Others, and Inspire Others have been coded and are live. The Paladin guild will be launched this Sunday (on 9/1/02) with a nice event. Be sure to be here! The Paladin guild will allow members to join from Clerics or Fighters of at least 10th level. If you are a cleric, you will keep all of your spells (but will not be able to learn more clerical spells as a paladin). Likewise, if you are a fighter, you will get to keep all of your weapon and armor abilities.

08.30.2002 Ranger and Wizard guilds have been extended to 50th level maximum from 40th. New titles for 45th and 50th-level rangers and wizards have been released.

September, 2002      BACK
09.01.2002 Paladin guild officially opened after a tornado literally clears the path (with the help of debris-cleaners).

09.02.2002 Yellow Square housing community has opened off of Soulstone Street in Semanri -- just past Red Square on Center Street. Homes ordered through Naga and Barlo have been opened! Look forward to their further development of this residential area.

09.14.2002 Fundraiser II launched! For all of you who missed it the first time, we are now running a 6-week-long second Fundraiser with a different set of options. Please visit our website at for full details and information.

09.15.2002 The Barbarian guild in the Cillyn Wastelands is now open to would-be combatants. The Cillyn Wastelands are north of Cal'Ziz.

09.16.2002 The Barbarian guild now has a guild roster.

09.16.2002 We fixed a problem with accounts and new characters. There was a recent upgrade to the database system that unfortunately caused all new charatcers to NOT be associated to an account properly. If you have (1) created a new character between 9/13/02 and 9/17/02 and (2) the character is NOT showing up on your account, please write to Exxy at <e-mail removed> so we can attach your character for you. You will need to provide the full first and last name of the missing character, your account name, and your security answer. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your support!

09.23.2002 New trap type for boxes: poison. Extremely dangerous, please use caution when trying to disable them. Remember you can EXAMINE the box first if you're a rogue or a thief to estimate how hard it will be for you to disable.

09.24.2002 Combat roundtimes adjusted. Some of you will notice that they've gone up and some will notice they've gone down. It's no longer being based on a flat formula (mostly weight), but on all of the properties of the weapon (mostly weapon class and weapon weight) as well as other influencial factors. This change should make larger weapons more practical in combat as well as eliminate the one-second-five-slash attack some people have been able to achieve with medium and large-sized weapons (totally unrealistic). The system now also checks for old/beta weapons that weren't clasified correctly and weapons that don't have their weight marked correctly and compensates with default values for their weapon class (sorry all of you people who still have the straight-bladed scimitars from Invader's Quest that are marked as zero pounds). This also means now that twisted daggers are not the best weapons to wield anymore.

09.30.2002 Combat roundtimes adjusted. Ability score bonuses to roundtime have been reduced (easier to get bonuses / faster roundtimes).

09.30.2002 Random actions on held objects have been fixed. If you notice any problems with objects not having their random actions happen, please REPORT it to Exxy (or e-mail Exxy at: <e-mail removed>).

09.30.2002 Strength ability score maximums have been raised from 30 to 40.

October, 2002      BACK
10.02.2002 You can now delete characters from your account at the Eaxia website.

10.03.2002 The monk feat, Stunning Fist, has been fixed. Somehow it was broken and allowing unlimited use of the ability.

10.06.2002 Gnomes will actually kill you now (they were previously not killing people who were attacked ant hit leaving them with no health remaining).

10.07.2002 The Wizard spell, Flash, has been fixed. Apparently anyone could read the Flash spell scroll and cast it. Now it is once again Wizard-only (both in spell preparation and in reading from scrolls). The Flash spell will be removed from any character who is not supposed to have it.

10.08.2002 Disabling boxes now yields static experience. Previously, boxes were giving more experience the better you succeeded at disabling them (meaning that really easy boxes gave the best experience). This has been fixed. The difficulty of exploding boxes and soul-corrosive boxes has been raised slightly. The poison length for poison boxes has been DRASTICALLY lowered.

10.08.2002 Full Character Management System rewrite is now live. Create a new character to see what we mean!

10.10.2002 Ability score definitions and applications is now available from our official Eaxian library:

10.10.2002 New Character Management System (C.M.S.) will no longer try and equip rerolled characters unless the character has absolutely nothing in their inventory.

10.11.2002 Existing players may now re-select their race (for ability score bonuses and penalties) by typing RESELECT RACE. This process may only be done once and only for existing players (new players after right now will not be able to do this). You will also be prompted the option to change your features if you like (if you have a C.C.D., it will not be overwritten).

10.11.2002 Fixed a problem with ability score training for races that have bonuses and penalties that do not add up to zero.

10.12.2002 Updated class information on all base classes including new information for all available secondary classes is now available from our official Eaxian library:

10.12.2002 Full racial information, including ability score adjustments, is now available from our official Eaxian library:

10.12.2002 Fixed a problem with the new C.M.S. Selecting a race over and over would cause your ability score bonuses and penalties to double each time. Affected characters have been fixed and the bug has been wiped clean.

10.12.2002 Fixed some typos with the DRAG command. When the AVOID DRAG option was enabled, the gender of the dragger was reflecting the gender of the dragee instead of the dragger. This message was also missing a period at the end. Upon dragging a dead, male character, the message showed that you were grabbing "... XXXX's lifeless body arm and dragging ..." (the word "arm" has been removed).

10.27.2002 Telari's Escape, a fine gaming establishment in Semanri, near the northeastern town square, has opened for travelers who are seeking to play Castles with each other. Come join the fun!

November, 2002      BACK
11.14.2002 Our new website is live and sports a new and improved look as well as additional features. Comments are welcome.

11.15.2002 The TIME verb has been fixed and now shows the correct real-life time.

11.16.2002 We changed Zackilten's Legacy some and lowered the price. New quest dates for Zackilten's Legacy released at our website with full information. These will probably be the last runs of this quest so if you want to go, first time or not, here's your chance!

11.23.2002 Unarmed Druid damage for 40th+ levels has been fixed.

11.24.2002 Normal Barbarian combat for 40+ levels has been fixed.

11.25.2002 Stunning Fist and Lesser Chi Heal have been fixed. Druids were previously blocked from using either.

11.26.2002 The jeweler in Crystal Caverns is now functional and will buy your gems and precious metals.

11.27.2002 The rate at which monks automatically gain their special feats has been spaced out over their first 20 levels. It used to be once every level. Those of you who have already acquired some feats ahead of time before this change will not lose any abilities.

11.27.2002 Mobility feat for monks is now live. This is an automatic ability that gains HUGE, special bonuses on reflex-related activities.

11.27.2002 Entangle spell against players can now be resisted. This previously worked 100% of the time against other players. Now reflex, level, and a random factor play vital roles in avoiding this spell.

11.27.2002 The FEATS command has been upgraded. It now shows a brief summary of what each feat is used for and how to activate them (most feats are automatic, some are selective).

11.27.2002 Stunning Fist and Lesser Chi Heal have been fixed again. The previous fix had an error that temporarily disabled both. They should both be available now.

11.27.2002 Lightning Reflexes feat for monks (and druids) is now live. This is an automatic ability that grants a few bonuses to a number of things. If you have this feat, type FEATS for a more detailed description.

11.27.2002 Still Mind feat for monks (and druids) is now live. This is an automatic ability that grants a bonuses to willpower resistance.

11.27.2002 Purity Of Body feat for monks (and druids) is now live. This feat can be used to pure ALL toxins immediately. The more poisons, the longer it takes though.

December, 2002      BACK
12.03.2002 Overrun by rats! Reports have been pouring in about the abandoned building out in the Plains of the Martyr being infested with rats. Semanri townsfolk have been made aware of these reports in hopes that some out there take some time to thin out the rodent population.

12.30.2002 Today's quest has been cancelled due to lack of participants. This was likely our fault for scheduling it so early in the day on a Monday. For thjose of you who signed up, please contact us at <e-mail removed> and note if you would like to participate on another day/time or if we should refund the ticket purchase. It is not certain at this point what our quest schedule is or if we will run it one more last time for those of you who will be missing it today, so please let us know if you're interested so we can decide.

January, 2003      BACK
01.05.2003 Caravan to and from D'Mare Fin has been repaired.

01.05.2003 Bless and Magic Weapon spells have been repaired. Previously they were not detecting incompatible enchantments and one would override the other but not vice-versa.

01.12.2003 Clerical spell "Death Watch" has been released into the global treasure system.

01.13.2003 We are finishing up Fundraiser II orders at this time. If you have an unfinished order, please contact <e-mail removed> now.

01.19.2003 Lesser god information added to the Library section of the Eaxia Online website. We've also added a whole section on Eaxia history. Enjoy!

01.19.2003 Spell preparation changed today by using a more dynamic database system to keep track of our spells. In using this, spells are now evaluated and measured based on their spell type and subtype. If you have suddenly stopped being able to use, learn, or prepare a spell that you think you should be able to, please write to us at <e-mail removed> so we can investigate. Please be sure to give us a copy of your INFO and full spells list.

01.19.2003 Spell recognition is live. Depending on your level and skills (more than just one skill is involved), you will be able to recognize what type and even possibly what name of spells other people are preparing around you.

February, 2003      BACK
02.14.2003 Combat 2.0 is live! See all the changes at our website:

02.14.2003 updates to Combat 2.0 are being posted at our Message Boards:

02.15.2003 HIDE and SEARCH have been fixed, including hiding as it pertains to combat with creatures using Combat 2.0.

02.15.2003 Backstab ability released for Thieves. Thieves, read FEATS for more information (if you have this ability).

02.16.2003 Druid tree system under repairs. You should notice your tree able to hold a lot more water and get healthier faster. It should get sick about the same speed as before if you don't care for it. Aging has changed slightly too.

02.16.2003 New swamp troll hunting area released. Recommended for levels 22-29. It's near Semanri's east gate, can't miss it.

02.24.2003 Our parsing system has evolved and our bandwidth upgrade is finished. This should mark the end of lag for a good, long time! Three cheers!

March, 2003      BACK
03.07.2003 the Skinning trade skill is live. You may SKIN CORPSE of creatures that have just died to attempt skin them. Note that not all creatures can be skinned. You may guage your skill in Skinning by typing SKILLS or SKILL BONUSLESS. Have fun!

03.07.2003 Graklor's Pelts And Stuff is now open for business in Semanri's East Town Square.

03.13.2003 'WHATIS' command has been released. Use it if you are unfamiliar with something that you would like more information on. This command gives VERY basic information and should be used as a starting point to discovering only basic information about the target of the command. It's intended use is mostly for new players. Enjoy! :)

03.15.2003 To players who are mising inventory: We're currently aware of a very large problem affecting many players and their inventory. While we are focusing nearly 100% of our attention on the problem and believe to have a resolution that should fix things from here forward, we're sorry to be informed of the items you are missing. Please send a detailed list (as best as you can remember) to <e-mail removed> so that myself or another capable GameMaster will replace your missing inventory A.S.A.P. We're sorry for the inconvenience and frustration and will make every effort to repair it.

03.16.2003 a new 'SET' command is available. It includes support for The Wizard when in 'GemStone III' mode. The following controls/windows are supported through this option: Mind (experience gained towards next level), He (health rating), and Sp (stamina points, i.e.: vitality rating). We will be adding casting/preparating times, preparing spell name, and defensive controlls in future updates.

03.27.2003 the profanity filter has been disabled for now pending some changes we will be making to it.

03.27.2003 the combat commands SLICE, SMASH, and THRUST have been released.

03.28.2003 natural healing rates have been improved slightly, spell cast regeneration rates have been significantly increased, rewrote a section of the engine that should help with sporatic pauses in gameplay, and sped the janitor up slightly.

April, 2003      BACK
(most announcements were made at our message boards)

04.30.2003 The success rate for excellent-quality skins has been increased for those of you with exceptionally higher skill for the creature you are trying to skin.

04.30.2003 Our player policy has changed! Specifically, we changed the content of section 11.4 so that all in-game harassment is covered by section 11.9. Section 11.9 is a new section we added and it contains a total of 10 chapters. The rest of the policy remains generally unchanged. The 'ammendment' prefixes in section 8.3 were removed and one typo was fixed elsewhere. For more details and to read the new policy, please visit our website at

May, 2003      BACK
05.01.2003 Giant spiders are now able to inflict poison! Watch out!

05.04.2003 Foraging is no longer possible indoors, underwater, or while airborne.

05.11.2003 If you notice that you or someone else is able to wear two suits of armor (any two... whether they are the same or different), please let us know immediately. It is NOT supposed to be this way. Thanks!

05.11.2003 Thoughts under GS3 mode now display under the Thoughts Window if you have it open. The GS3 mode thoughts also display the thinker's relative health.

05.12.2003 The clerical spell 'Death Watch' is now available to be taught at the meditation room.

05.13.2003 Two new sections to our website's library are available for MAGIC and SKILLS. Check them out!

05.16.2003 You can now speak in your native language! Most races have a unique language. Type SET for more information to change this setting on or off.

05.20.2003 It is no longer possible to conduct melee attacks with items that are not combat-oriented in your hands. We may allow you to do this in the future, but if so the ability will come at a penalty to how well you attack, damage you inflict, and chance to destroy the items you're attacking with.

05.26.2003 Until further notice, ranged weapons have been disabled. The last three game crashes are a result of ranged weapons failing.

05.29.2003 Bug squash: GO exits in groups weren't always displaying a message to the room they were entering.

05.29.2003 Bug squash: group experience was giving everyone in the room experience, even if they weren't in the group!

05.29.2003 Bug squash: GET has been fixed for getting items in containers you own vs. containers you don't own and the GET ON / BEHIND / UNDER bug that used to display 'inside' to everyone else has been fixed too.

05.29.2003 More character features have been added to the game such as beards, moustaches, body types / physique, manes (Rurowlians), and tails (Rurowlians and Drago). There will be ways to change these features in the future with more information to come.

05.29.2003 Smoking is now available to all! Come check out the small shop at Semanri's East Gate. Besides the items in this shop, you can also smoke most foragable items, though not all are good for your health.

05.29.2003 Play with your hair, it's okay! You can now TIE, UNTIE, BRAID, UNBRAID, BRUSH, and COMB your hair (brushing / combing requires a brush or comb item). Styling, dying, and cutting hair may be available in the future!

05.29.2003 Carving has been updated to allow you to carve pipes.

05.29.2003 There is a new trap type circulating on some of the harder creatures. Spooky!

June, 2003      BACK
06.07.2003 Evolved (secondary) classes level restriction has been moved from level 50 to level 100. For these 50 levels, skill point gain for all evolved classes have been reduced to half, health and stamina gain by half, ability score training gain by half, and all evolved classes will gain one feat point every 10 levels (beginning at 60th level). Enjoy!

06.10.2003 Our Fundraiser IV event has started! Check it out at

06.11.2003 Updates to our combat system went live. Changes were made to how fatigue is calculated in combat, mostly affecting lighter weapons. You should no longer be able to swing your weapons over and over and over without getting tired. You may need to PARRY or DODGE a little or try different techniques. You may also want to find lighter weapons or increase your strength. Experiment and strategize!

06.12.2003 Seven new maps have been released at our official game library! All of the major areas between and including Semanri, Crystal Caverns, and Cal'Ziz are available and in interactive format. Check them out at

06.22.2003 Sneaky System 2.0 has been released, featuring a full rewrite of HIDE, SNEAK, SEARCH, and STEAL as well as two new commands: WATCH and POINT (as it applies to people whom your character knows is hiding). WATCH gives you a very strong bonus to noticing a particular person hiding and POINT will let you reveal the hiding location of someone who you've noticed hiding, sneaking, or stealing. Everything has been completely rebalanced to make sure that the system is fair and easy to use. Enjoy!

06.24.2003 Stealing has been updated to allow for more realistic grabs (quantity of money), though every now and then you will get a great grab. Also, with enough skill it is possible to steal gemstones and precious metals from other people.

06.25.2003 Ranged weapons are back online and better than ever. What's been fixed: system-wide game crash when some ranged weapons were loaded (fixed!) and having to ADVANCE / ENGAGE something you want to SHOOT / FIRE at (fixed!). What's been improved: you should be able to just type LOAD to load a ranged weapon in your right hand (new!) and slings are now live and sold in the weapon's shop of Semanri (new!). All existing ammunition should be discarded as only new ammunition will work (sorry!). Please let us know if you see anything wrong with the new ranged weapons system at <e-mail removed>.

06.27.2003 NPCHIGHLIGHT is a new setting that will toggle on and off automatic NPC highlighting when LOOKing in a room. Type SET NPCHIGHLIGHT ON to turn it on! So far this only highlights NPCs when you LOOK at a room, but it's a start.

06.27.2003 Closed containers are now protected from thieving hands.

May, 2003      BACK
07.08.2003 Area-Specific Damage 1.0 has been released. Get all the details at:

07.09.2003 GO exits are now available to DRAG people through.

07.09.2003 Character Transfers and Character Deletion are both back online after heavy renovations. Character Transfers are largely automated on our part now, so the time to process transfer requests has been reduced to under 12 hours for all requests. Character Deletion works as it used to.

07.18.2003 The Bard's Guild of Tes'Kata Village is now accepting new members! Look for the wrought-iron gate just north of town along the Selkan Trade Route.

07.18.2003 A number of combat tweaks/changes went live to help resolve a number of balance problems. See for a full list of changes we made.

07.19.2003 Bards and Rangers can disable traps on boxes without any non-Rogue / non-Thief penalties and have access to the EXAMINE command as Rogues and Thieves do. Thieves will always have stronger bonuses towards disabling, but Rangers and Bards will now be able to disable traps as Rogues (plus skill).

07.19.2003 Monk's Lesser Chi Heal ability now repairs physical damage (equal to that of Cure Moderate Wounds) if able to. Minimum roundtime has been raised from 0 seconds to 2 seconds. And the wait duration between uses has been lowered. Instead of always being 3 minutes, if you are 30th or above, you only need to wait a minute before using it again. If you're 20th or above, you only need to wait 2 minutes. The maximum amount of health this ability can raise in one use has also been doubled for monks and druids 20th level and up.

07.20.2003 More combat tweaks/changes went live. See for a full list.

07.21.2003 A new command, FIX, has been added to fix old arrows, bolts, quarrels, and bullets that were created by the old ranged weapons system. Simply type FIX <object> to fix it.

07.22.2003 FIX also now fixes overweight ammunition.

07.22.2003 A number of player policy changes went into effect. Please see for more details.

07.22.2003 We have a new assistance system for requesting help from the game staff. The new assistance system should be used for all non-emergency questions and comments. Please type ASSIST by itself for details.

07.23.2003 The Healer's Guild of Semanri is now accepting new members! The guild entrance is a few spots north of the Semanri west gate.

07.23.2003 If you don't know the spell for which you are trying to prepare, it will now say "You don't know the [Spell Name] spell." rather than say "You don't know that spell.".

07.25.2003 FIX now also fixes belts that are refusing to be worn.

07.25.2003 The Martial Artist's guild of Mount Lexunaze is now accepting new members! Mount Lexunaze is northeast of Tes'Kata Village near the shores of the Bottomless River and up a huge flight of stairs. The guild welcomes monks of level 15 and higher.

07.31.2003 Many new skills went live and all of the class and cross-class skills became progressive skills that get better the more you use them. This update is still being developed and is in its earliest stage of release. Here's the rundown:

                      (1) all class and cross-class skills are now listed as a trade skill or combat skill together under SKILLS

                      (2) these skills will grant skill experience when you use them, getting better the more you use them.

                      (3) these skills will also grant class experience when they reach a new rank, providing alternate experience to combat.

                      (4) most of the skills are currently *not* getting any better when you use them right now. We're developing this and hope to have the major skills live in a progressive environment soon.

                      (5) skill points no longer exist. Guildmasters may still mention them, but we're weeding this out so ignore it if you see it. Skill training areas in all guildhalls have been removed.

                      (6) enhancement bonuses to skills are offline until the new system is completely live. This includes magical items that usually give you a bonus to a skill as well as magical effects from spells or magical devices. All of it is offline and should return soon.

                      (7) If you see anything odd with skills not mentioned above, please let Exxy know by REPORTing to him or sending him an instant message at GD Exxy.


August, 2003      BACK
08.02.2003 ALCHEMY, APPRAISE, and certain uses of CLIMB progressive skill experience went live. You can use them to progressively increase the following skills: Alchemy, Appraise, and Climb.

08.02.2003 The Outnumbered Defense skill doesn't yield as much skill experience as it used to. It was being learned far too fast.

08.03.2003 A new location was added to crystal shards. APPLYing any coral to a crystal shard will tune the shard to the Mantaya Isle docks.

08.04.2003 DISABLE, STEAL, HIDE, and SNEAK progressive skill experience went live. You can use them to progressively increase the following skills: Listen, Move Silently, Pick Pockets, Disable Devices, Hide, and Search.

08.04.2003 Class-based experience for progressive skill advancement has been lowered a little with the release of more progressive-experience skills.

08.04.2003 Mystical Anchor, Teleport, and Mystical Tunnel Wizard spells have been released. This spell is not available through scrolls yet.

08.05.2003 Fighting with a weapon in your left hand and nothing in your right hand no longer works (because of how balance, round times, fatigue, etc. are applied). Use the weapon in your right hand.

08.05.2003 Fighting with two weapons won't work anymore if you have a much lighter weapon in your right hand than in your left (because of how balance, round times, fatigue, etc. are applied). Swap your hands if you are having problems fighting with two weapons.

08.05.2003 Death Struggle, Death Ward, and Health Barrier spells no longer reveal hidden people, invisible people, or invisible staff characters.

08.06.2003 A number of abbreviation / acronyms for spells were corrected and fixed under SPELLS 1, SPELLS 2, etc.

08.06.2003 SPELL INFO is now available to read information about any spell you know.

08.06.2003 EXPERIENCE and INFORMATION are two seperate commands now and both show completely different information in a completely different format.

08.06.2003 CHARGE was broken and is now fixed. The resistence/dodge check was actually backwards, making it harder to use the better able you were. Also, the stun length range was changed from 10-45 seconds to 10-30 seconds. 45 seconds was a LONG time to stun someone. 2 seconds were also shaved off the roundtime to use the ability.

08.06.2003 The elder cleric on Semanri's Commerce Street has been given some helpful tips if you LOOK at him.

08.07.2003 Difficulty of all box traps has been adjusted, mostly lowered. Experience for all box traps has been adjusted, mostly lowered (since the Disable Device skill itself now yields experience too). Forgiveness range for all boxes has been adjusted, mostly raised (so that you have a slightly better chance to fail without causing the trap to fire).

08.17.2003 Crystal Fragments have been modified to allow more flexibility in their use, while increasing their difficulty to use. Crystal fragments can no longer be RUBbed to tune to different locations. Now you must TUNE the fragments to the location you want (TUNE FRAGMENT TO SEMANRI, etc.). For now, the following locations can be tuned: Semanri, D'Mare Fin, Cal'Ziz, Crystal Caverns, Pirate's Dungeon, Mantaya Isle, Istiilian Islands, and Tes'Kata Village. There is also the risk now that if you try and tune your fragment to a location that is well outside of your abilities and you happen to fail miserably (4% chance), you could destroy the crystal fragment. This is extremely rare and should only happen if you're clearly trying to tune your fragment to a location you don't belong in (level 3 character trying to tune to Mantaya Isle, for example).

September, 2003      BACK
There were no posted news items. Some announcements were made on the message forums, but this was a generally slow month for us while we moved our services physically to a new location and began working on the rebuild.

October, 2003      BACK
There were few posted news items. Some announcements were made on the message forums, but this was a generally slow month for us while we moved our services physically to a new location and were finishing working on the rebuild.

10.14.2003 Putting boxes in other boxes has a high tendancy to crash the game. We're not sure what the specific problem is at this time, but please try to avoid doing it for now.

November, 2003      BACK
11.07.2003 GemStone mode (see SET) has had some updates. The 'Mind' control now shows your training experience as a capacity of your maximum (instead of progress towards next level, which has been broken since the first trial allocation). Mana now shows as mana points rather than as a percentage of your total mana. Injuries (both internal and external) show up under the 'Wounds' window and 'Injuries' control. The system now updates in intervals of approximately 1 second now (rather than before, which was every 6-8 seconds). Also, GemStone mode has been fixed to disable mana display for non-magic using classes.

11.08.2003 GemStone mode (see SET) has had some more updates. The 'Cast Hand' control now acts as a billboard-like display of information. Make sure you open it and stretch it to its biggest size for best results. Also, the 'Stance' control now shows your current armor rating (normal/standard).

11.20.2003 The Crystal Caves between Semanri and Cal'Ziz seems to have just been a small, direct route between the two locations. Recent developments have shown that the Dwarves have a huge underground city called the Crystal Caverns not more than 50 feet above the Crystal Caves passage, still within the mountain of rock. Dwarves have set up sentinels, blocking passage through their gates while Prince Ramault has journed to their settlement to negotiate fair trade and travel to and from their city.

11.20.2003 The Prince Ramault, safely at home in the now-refurbished castle, longs for his family, who are still pending travel. He has just realized that somehow in his travels he has lost some of the prized family belongings. He wishes to seek audience of the townspeople to ask for their aid in finding these items. The prince will seek audience at Friday November 21, at 9:00 PM EST in his Throne Room at Castle Etchalle to commence the details of the hunt. Don't miss out on the fun!

11.24.2003 Racial titles are now available for Elves, Goblins, Trolls, Dwarves, Ogres, Drago, Gnomes, Minotaurs, Avians, Rurowli, and Halflings. Humans and half-races will not have racial titles (for now, at least). Enjoy this new role-playing option!

11.24.2003 The Cluricaune Mountains desert and desert oasis entrance have been over-run by desert and flame beetles! Warriors levels 3-6 are welcome to help exterminate them.

11.26.2003 All experience gained from healing and resurrection spells has been suspended. There has been a lot of abuse going on with these spells and until we develop a counter-measure fix, there will simply be no experience awarded in the meanwhile.

11.26.2003 The NPC Auto-Highlight system is now live. To auto-highlight NPCs while using The Wizard front end client, type SET NPCHIGHLIGHT ON. This also requires the WizardColor system (see SET for details).

11.26.2003 Healing experience has been fixed and restored. Experience pools have been adjusted in the process -- they now reflect a much more realistic use and limit healing experience earned effectively. Also, all healing spells have been re-evaluated for experience awards. The more powerful the spell, the better the experience (in general) -- much less if you heal vitality loss only. Poison and disease (though disease isn't released yet) now awards experience for healing too.

11.27.2003 Experience pools were increased by about ten fold on average. Also, absorbtion rates were sped up quite considerably, especially at higher capacities.

11.27.2003 The Crystal Caverns dwarven city has opened their gates for all to explore. Welcome all!

December, 2003      BACK
12.17.2003 Creatures now have magical resistances of the following categories: fire, ice, earth, wind, psychic, holy, and unholy. Creatures differ from each other and some may be more resistant than other. Generally speaking, for every resistance a creature has, it has an equal susceptibility in another area. For example, goblins are resistant to fire but are prone to aether magic. All of the special trinable mage/wizard spells are live on the new spell damage vs. NPC resistances, but there are clerical and other spells that have not yet been adjusted and there are currently no adjustments for players (you guys don't have magical resistances yet). Now it makes more sense to specialize in one magical area versus another. Enjoy!

12.18.2003 WHO / STAT / STATISTICS shows the current activity of our game staff (when we have time to update our activity). Now you can see what we're doing in realtime.

12.19.2003 Thief Guild rebuild is underway including reworking of all guild-related skills and abilities as well as a total of 7 brand-spanking new abilities and 2 new systems. See post at for full details.

12.23.2003 all ability score training bugs appear to be fixed. All characters will be notified when you log in if you need to lower ability score training points (and why). Some of you who have already gone through this process may notice that you can train once more now if you visit your guildhall. This is because the +1 bonus point for pre-existing characters (from before the rebuild) had not previously been factored correctly and now is. Please see your guildhall to see if you can train an ability score point.

12.31.2003 the foraging system has been rewritten from scratch, including adding the Wilderness Lore skill, better messaging for Rangers and Druids (plus a slight bonus due to the nature of their class), and completely better diversity on what foragables can be found where. You won't find fir branches in the desert anymore ;)

January, 2004      BACK
01.01.2004 palm tree branches ('palm branch') can no longer be foraged (since palm trees don't have typical branches). Instead, you can now find palm tree fronds ('palm frond'), which can be carved the same way other branches can.

01.04.2004 alchemy has been updated as follows: (1) the skill requirement of 5 ranks in Alchemy has been removed entirely from ALCHEMY SHAKE and (2) the skill requirement of 15 ranks in Alchemy for ALCHEMY MIX has been reduced to a requirement of 5 ranks in Alchemy.

01.07.2004 four new account types are now available for subscription sign-up at our website, including two account subscriptions that are completely free! Log into your account at and then choose "My Account" to review the menu of upgrade and activation options. All of you who have had a regular, paid account are now subscribed under the "Adventurer Subscription", which is the same price you are paying already. For full details, read here: GoPlay! is currently not working for Eaxia accounts until a new version is released.

01.15.2004 magical effects that gave bonuses to skills were lost when we converted to the new skill system several months ago. They are now all fixed again, giving the bonuses to the appropriate skills at the appropriate levels. Hoorah!

01.15.2004 racial traits have been released for all pure-blood races (except Humans). This excludes half-races for now, but we may eventually give them half of each bonus and penalty of whatever they are half-of. For more details, see post at:

01.16.2004 a new art pak is available to download! This art pak features beautiful scenery for most of the world of Eaxia for use with the Picture window in The Wizard. Download it now by visiting our website at

01.17.2004 wounds can now be tended using the TEND command. Tending a wound requires bandages, which can be purchased for cheap at the general store in Semanri's Northwest Town Square in bundles of 25 (and they can be worn for your convenience). Tending your own wounds is harder than tending someone else's and especially if you're trying to tend your own head, neck, or wings (Avians). If the wounded area is very damaged, you may require someone with a higher skill or a Healer to dress the wound. Tending relies on and gives skill experience towards the Heal skill.

01.25.2004 scrap metal, metal barbs, metal spikes, metal blades, quarrels, arrows, sling bullets, and bandages can now be combined using the COMBINE command.

01.26.2004 there are now over 300 miscellaneous items to be found on sentient and semi-sentient (box-holding) creatures. The chance to find miscellaneous treasure (drop chance) is always 12% per kill.

01.27.2004 creatures can now drop unique items (different category than miscellaneous items), featuring clothing, jewelry, containers, weaponry, armor, etc. all created with random descriptions, colors, embroideries, materials, etc. Only sentient and semi-sentient (box-holding) creatures drop uniques. The chance to drop uniques vary from creature to creature but get better the more difficult the creature. Giants are currently the highest level box-holding creature and their chance is 2.3% per kill (1-in-43 chance).

February, 2004      BACK
02.04.2004 ranged weapon damage has been fixed. There was previously a bug that was factoring in the wrong stats, adding up to about 10x the damage in most cases. The bug has been fixed and many of you will notice that you can't kill a creature (giants, etc.) in 2 shots anymore.

02.04.2004 the Thief guild rewrite/re-release is done and live! Consult our forums for a full list of updates as well as the ABILITIES command in game. If you are a Thief and are over level 20, then see your guildleader to learn the ability you missed: Repeating Crossbow Proficiency. Forum link is here:

02.19.2004 SNEAK has been taken offline for some fixes. It will be back as soon as they're done and ready.

02.21.2004 the SKILLS command has been upgraded. You can get HELP on this command now as well as view your skills without modifiers (bonuses and penalties from abilities, spells, magical items, etc. -- BONUSLESS).

March, 2004      BACK
03.02.2004 the Barbarian guild rewrite/re-release is done and live! Consult our forums for a full list of updates as well as the ABILITIES command in game. Forum link is here:

03.10.2004 Champion Account subscribers can now visit the 'MY ACCOUNT' section of our website ( to claim your free alterations!

03.24.2005 a bug causing NPCs not to advance towards or attack players has been fixed. Watch out -- hostile NPCs will proceed to do combat with you now!

April, 2004      BACK
04.05.2004 several large improvements were made to the game engine to help boost game performance. You should notice a considerable increase in responsiveness. Changes to hundreds of lines of code were made, so it's possible something out there is broken -- if you come across anything, please report it to us at

04.08.2004 a new setting appears in the SET command now. This preference will allow you to toggle the display of room descriptions when using LOOK, moving around, etc.

04.13.2004 the Monk and Martial Artist ability "Stunning Fist" (STRIKE command) has been fixed. The command previously did nothing due to a bug.

04.13.2004 a typo was fixed in the Healer's spell "Endurance".

04.14.2004 loot homes can no longer be entered if you have any bleeding injuries (to prevent death while inside a loot home). This change only affects Thieves who use the Loot system.

04.14.2004 stone giants have been working out. They've toughened their skin and have better ability to hit you if you mess with them. Their damage has remained about the same though. Good luck, adventureres!

04.14.2004 combat engagement bugs have been fixed, particularly those involving ranged weapons. If you shoot a creature now, expect it to get angry and hunt you down!

04.14.2004 33 new gems have been added to our treasure system, from common to rare.

04.15.2004 weapons and armor have been added to unique item drops in our new treasure system. There are over 6,500 different combinations of armors to find and over 32,000 different combinations of weapons too. Treasure-found weapons and armor are typically better than store-bought (especially titanium and adamantine). Enjoy!

04.16.2004 the WAVE command has been fixed. It was previously not letting you wave magical items at a creature to invoke spells.

04.16.2004 all unique and magical items dropped in our treasure system from this point forward will be pawnable for variable amounts of gold (and therefore also appraisable).

04.19.2004 Mage and Wizard elemental spells from the trainable spell system have been greatly improved in the areas of damage, mana cost, and preparation time. For full details, see

04.19.2004 The bogus "too fatigued", "too unbalanced", etc. messages received in combat when you aren't really unbalanced, fatigued, etc. have been replaced with more meaningful messages.

04.19.2004 A few minor miscalculations in the combat code was causing weapon damage to be extremely high under certain obscure situations and as a result the combat damage bonuses have been tweaked. The scale was too high in some instances, but many of you may not even notice a difference.

04.19.2004 Stone giants attack rating, health, armor, and other statistics have been reverted back to how they were a week ago.

04.19.2004 The message "it would be easier if you actually new how to use this weapon" has been removed as any weapon can be trained with time and dedication.

04.19.2004 Backstab can no longer heal people who are already critically wounded.

04.19.2004 You can no longer point someone out of hiding who's no longer hidden.

04.19.2004 SNEAK, STEAL, HIDE, and POINT ("Sneaky System") has undergone fixes, particularly some bad formulas that were used to check difficulties. Things should be back in order now.

04.20.2004 TEND has been fixed. It was previously checking the Heal skill of the target player instead of the originating player.

04.26.2004 A bug has been found and fixed with HIDE not giving enough experience to the Hide skill when hiding in front of NPCs. It was also factoring in the wrong skills towards your ability to actually hide in front of NPCs and players.

May, 2004      BACK
05.04.2004 Weapon checks for damage, weight, etc. have been installed. If you have a weapon that does more damage than it should, the game will tell you and prevent you from using it. This includes those platinum-etched punching daggers everyone is so fond of -- because they deal almost twice as much base damage as they should. We will try to impliment a fix using the FIX verb so you can fix the punching daggers easily yourself, but for any other weapon, please seek staff assistance (ASSIST). Thank you!

05.04.2004 The CRAWL command has been released. Those without legs (or simply not standing) can crawl away and through most doors, etc. now.

05.05.2004 Castles scoreboard has been reset and the game status (PLAY SCORE) has had a facelift, both for participants and spectators.

05.05.2004 The Castles card 'Crystal Matrix' no longer brings back defeated or forfeited players.

05.05.2004 A new card, 'New Recruits', has been added to Castles. For a cost of 10 creatures, you can build 1 quarry. Seeing how it's easy to forever lose good quarry, this should keep it balanced.

05.05.2004 During a game of Castles, you are now permitted to forfeit the game at any time by typing PLAY FORFEIT, even if it is not your turn.

05.05.2004 The FIX command will now fix 'platinum-edged punching dagger's.

05.06.2004 The spell Magic Weapon will no longer disqualify weapons from being used in combat.

05.06.2004 Class experience points awarded for gaining skill ranks has been capped to 25 XP per rank.

05.07.2004 The HOLD command now lets you remove items that you are wearing.

05.07.2004 A bug causing room arrival messages to appear multiple times when someone enters through a GO exit/portal has been fixed.

05.07.2004 The spell Locate Person will no longer find people who are indoors.

05.07.2004 Creatures you engage in combat will not suddenly be engaging you while you stand still, though they may speed things up by advancing towards you once you've shown your hostile intents.

05.09.2004 Skill depreciation is now in effect. All skills will naturally decline over time, especially over long periods of time without use. The amount of skill loss is based on percentages with extremely low caps, so even with more than 100 ranks in a skill, the most you will lose in an hour is around 15%. This change has been made for a number of reasons and I know some of you will hate the idea, so let's discuss it at our message forums ( Side note: skill only depreciate when you are playing, not when you are logged out.

05.10.2004 Lots of skill depreciation caps and slow-downs have been made. Please read for full details.

05.10.2004 Playing Castles awards trade skill experience in the Playing Castles skill.

05.10.2004 Earning ranks in trade skills no longer yields class (regular) experience points. Trade skills released live include: Armorsmithing (through carving), Bowyering (through carving), Carving, Gemcutting, Playing Castles, Skinning, and Weaponsmithing (through carving).

05.10.2004 The SKILL command has been upgraded to allow you to check the skill on class skills individually of trade or combat. Also, you can check a skill by name or partial name. SKILL LONGBOW or SKILL R C will show skill experience/ranks in Longbow and Repeating Crossbow skills.

05.11.2004 A new hunting area for levels 55-71 has been released! Beware!

05.12.2004 We've installed an idle/inactivity timer that will disconnect you from the game if you have been idle for more than five minutes.

05.12.2004 The STOW command has been released. You can use STOW to quickly put away items. You can also use it to even shortcut around picking up items from the ground (or in other containers) and stowing them away. See the STOW command for full usage.

05.12.2004 HOLD will now join that player to your group so long as they are not avoiding it. Type AVOID for your personal avoidances.

05.12.2004 The SHEATH command has been released. You can use SHEATH to quickly put away weapons you are holding/wielding. Type SHEATH USAGE for full usage.

05.12.2004 The Barbarian ability 'Charge' should be fixed. It was previously not stunning for long enough times. Also, RESELECT RACE has been fixed as well.

05.13.2004 Bugs were fixed in STOW and SHEATH. For stow, if you were stowing away an item using FROM or IN to specify a container, the game was getting confused and causing items to be extracted improperly (which led to some nasty crashes last night). Also, both STOW and SHEATH had poor checks to see if you had access to those items and containers (you could stow stuff away in store containers that you don't own, for one thing... and you could sheath void blades, oops!).

05.13.2004 Skill experience gain was slightly buggy -- giving you less experience than you should have received if you did not have many ranks in a skill. You should notice significant skill development for lower skills now.

05.13.2004 The monk/martial artist ability 'Purity Of Body' did not properly check if you had the ability yet, letting you use it from level 1. This has been fixed.

05.13.2004 A combat bug was fixed that was causing weapon skill experience gained from attacking creatures to not be added to your skill if the attack killed the creature.

05.13.2004 Bugs were fixed with SKILL BONUSLESS (wasn't working) and RESELECT RACE (not recognizing character birth/creation times).

05.13.2004 Avians finally have hair and men have beards. You may notice that the color, style, etc. of your hair, beards (men), and wings are not what you have or would have chosen. Avians will soon be able to re-select their character features to correct this.

05.13.2004 The ACCEPT command can now be used by itself to accept all outstanding item offers to your character.

05.13.2004 A new option now appears under the SET command. The WATCHSKILLDEPRECIATION setting will inform you when you lose full skill ranks (bonusless) as a result of depreciation when this option is turned on.

05.13.2004 SHEATH and STOW have had upgrades (better messaging). DRAW has been released. To quickly draw forth any available weapon from your set sheathed container, type DRAW by itself. To DRAW forth a specific weapon, type DRAW .

05-16-2004 GLANCE now works on NPCs. And you can GLANCE by itself for a quick view of what's in your hands.

05-24-2004 Combat stuns went live! If you take a considerable amount of damage (more than 20% of your remaining health), you have a good chance to receive a stun. The more health you lost, the worse the stun (and worse the injury). Please post feedback at our forums if there are any questions, problems, etc. Enjoy! (or don't!)

05-25-2004 Monk and Martial Artist damage potentials have been toned down some. The base damage was rediculously too high.

05-26-2004 Retreating now takes into consideration how fatigued you are.

05-26-2004 The DISABLE command can now be used in peaceful areas / safe zones, such as Semanri, South Town Square.

05-29-2004 Successful damaging strikes against creatures can now yield stuns on a random chance.

05-29-2004 COMPARE and DISCARD verbs have been released. COMPARE can currently be used to compare two melee-based weapons together to determine which is better in the following categories: weight, damage (in two ways), critical attacks, and abilities required. DISCARD can be used to permanently delete items that you are not interested in keeping (altered and other protected items can't be deleted). The DISCARD command requires confirmation (can't do it on accident).

05-30-2004 The Druid rewrite is complete and live! To get abilities and spells you may have missed, visit your guildleader and ASK her about your LEVEL. The tree caring system has not been upgraded as previously announced due to some complications, but we are working on it. The rest, including shapeshifting, is all live. Also, we're aware some GO/portal exits may show the wrong description for you and that many emotes don't work that should (like WHINE, GROWL, etc.) while you're shapeshifted. We will be weeding these out one at a time, so please hold your feedback on any problems falling in that category. Enjoy, Druids!

05-31-2004 The barrier beyond the hell hounds and tribal hunter area fell into the swamp today, opening way to the Soul Stealer swamp. Brave adventurers who find their way through will discover that the town of V'Rung has opened, as well.

05-31-2004 Character level is no longer taken into consideration when tuning fragments. What this means is that fragments will be harder to tune, but will teach magical devices skill lots better.

05-31-2004 A new tune location has been added (V'Rung).

June, 2004      BACK
06-01-2004 The difficulty to tune a crystal fragment to V'Rung has been raised and a new tune location has been added (Mount Lexunaze).

06-01-2004 The GUAGE command has been released. You can use GUAGE to get a vague idea how close you are to a creature's level (to determine if it's safe to attack it or if you'll learn experience from it, etc.). It also works on players.

06-13-2004 A problem has been fixed with the skill ranking system where it was not awarding class experience points when a skill had been ranked past where it was previously as a result of skill depreciation bonuses. Also, skill rank messages ("You gained a rank in...") have been removed if you are re-gaining back an old skill rank.

06-13-2004 Secure, private storage vaults are now available for use. There are four vault rooms in the huge dome building in Semanri, South Town Square. If you experience any problems, please report it to the staff immediately. Enjoy!

06-14-2004 Vaults have variable capacity now, depending on account status. Free and trial accounts have a 100-pound limit to their vault while Commoner accounts have a 150-pound limit, Adventurer accounts 250-pounds, and Champion 1,000-pound limit.

06-14-2004 The first Champion Account-only hunting area has been released. You can find it near the abandoned building out Semanri's east gate. Intended levels: 4-8. For more information on Champion Account-only hunting areas, see

06-15-2004 Mana calculations have been fixed. Previously, all bonuses (racial, magical, etc.) were being doubled. Spellcasters will notice a significant drain in mana.

06-16-2004 The Group hunting and group experience system has been updated. Any character in the same area as you will now affect the experience you get from a creature kill. If a 40th-level character happens to wander by while you're killing that 10th-level creature, you will get 0 XP. Sorry, but we've had *WAY* too much abuse with people power-leveling their friends.

06-16-2004 Bonuses awarded from the Dual-Weapon Tactics skill have been updated. For more information, please see:

06-16-2004 The Group hunting and group experience system has been updated again. This change replaces the earlier update. Now, players in the area do not affect experience awarded when a creature is killed, however any character attacking or causing harm to a creature (even stunning it, entangling, etc.) will be considered when dividing up experience. If a level 40 character stuns a level 10 creature for you, you will score 0 XP for the creature kill. However, if you kill a 10th level creature and two 40th-level guys wander past you at that exact moment, there will be no penalties.

06-17-2004 The new alchemy system is done and live and we will begin adding new formulas for it soon. The old ALCHEMY command has been removed. Please use the following commands now: EXTRACT, BOIL, MIX, DILUTE, and CRUSH. Also note that some formulas may have changed slightly with the release of the new alchemy system.

06-17-2004 Marlain's Concoctions And Goods (in the new Crystal Caverns) now sells alchemist supplies for all your alchemy needs.

06-17-2004 Every major city has at least one barrel laying about that can have water collected from it. All of the following places have barrels: Semanri (5 locations), Cal'Ziz (3 locations), D'Mare Fin (3 locations), Crystal Caverns (1 location), V'Rung (1 location), Tes'Kata Village (1 location), and Mantaya Isle (1 location). Some barrels are indoors and some outdoors.

06-17-2004 It is now possible to EXTRACT the essence from nether ghouls. The essence is required to make mana restoration potions (now available)!

July, 2004      BACK
07-15-2004 STOW and SHEATH both remember your set containers now upon logon.

07-15-2004 The most basic features of Homes 2.0 has been released. Homes can be claimed and purchased, guests can be set, homes can even be abandoned. Customization and furnishings are not yet possible.

07-16-2004 Five cave homes in the Crystal Caverns are now available. Prices are 10,000 gold each and come equipped with many furnishings.

07-16-2004 Four tree homes in the Ranger Guild tree house are now available. Prices are 10,000 gold each and come equipped with a few furnishings.

07-16-2004 Four shacks in Southwest V'Rung now available. These homes have no price (they are claimable for free) and come equipped with only a small bedroll.

07-16-2004 Four beach-side cottage homes are now available in the Northwest section of D'Mare Fin for 25,000 gold each. Each home comes equipped with a table, chairs, desk, and bed.

07-17-2004 Four more beach-side cottage homes are now available in the Northwest section of D'Mare Fin for 25,000 gold each. Each home comes equipped with a table, chairs, desk, and bed.

07-17-2004 Five huts on the beach of Mantaya Isle are now available. These homes have no price (they are claimable for free) and come equipped with a table and cot.

07-19-2004 Six log cabins have been opened in/near Tes'Kata Village at a price of 10,000 gold. These homes are eqipped with a chest, table, bed, and a fur throw.

07-19-2004 Six mushroom homes have been opened in the Crystal Caverns mushroom garden at a price of 5,000 gold. These homes are eqipped with a mushroom box and bed set.

August, 2004      BACK
08-25-2004 wedding contest winners announced. See our message forums for details.

08-27-2004 new SET option DisplayOnRoster (default is NO) to turn on/off visibility from guild rosters.

08-27-2004 the BUG command is live. You may use BUG to report issues with the game such as suspected game defects ('bugs').

08-27-2004 the IDEA / SUGGESTION command is live. You may use SUGGESTION to make suggestions to us from within the game.

08-27-2004 the TYPO / GRAMMAR command is live. You may use TYPO to indicate typographical and grammar issues from within the game.

08-30-2004 unique item find rates have been increased by 100% globally (for all creatures) and magical item find rates have been increased by 250% globally. This should make it much easier to find unique and magical items in general.

08-30-2004 guildhall have been cleaned up some. Old skill training signs (from a very old system) and references to old/bad roster lists have been removed. There should also be a GO GUILD entrance to every guild now except the Mage, Traveler, and Thief guilds (although the Mage and Traveler guild entrances *have* been made more obvious). Some paths have been straightened up too (generally with the addition of an OUT exit or two). Navigating guildhalls should be a little easier now.

08-30-2004 some bugs with STOW have been fixed. It should now honor capacity limitations on containers when stowing items. It will also refuse attempts to stow an item in itself (which previously caused you to lose your container, the item you just stowed, and anything you had in the container -- permanently).

08-30-2004 due to a number of requests, the RELEASE command now requires confirmation before a spirit is released from its body (for dead characters). This should prevent accidental cases of spirit release from spellcasters who intend to release their spell the same moment they're slain in combat.

08-31-2004 the Alignment System is now live. Every player will start with a fresh, clean slate and will be neither good nor evil as well as neither lawful nor chaotic. Various actions will determine whether your character is what alignment (and each action is based off of seperate values and timers, so don't try and do something over and over please -- it won't help raise whichever alignment you're trying to achieve). See INFO for your current alignment score. Paladins (at any level) can GAUGE other players to determine alignment. See the forums for full Alignment System details:

September, 2004      BACK
09-01-2004 guards and other good-aligned NPCs/creatures will now attack evil-aligned characters automatically (the same way evil-aligned creatures automatically attack good-aligned characters). Evil characters won't be attacked by evil creatures automatically anymore (at least for now).

09-12-2004 attacking/killing neutral NPCs will no longer give evil alignment status.

09-12-2004 official staff-hosted guild meeting dates have been posted. Please see for more details.

09-12-2004 STEAL has been fixed and re-released. The 'hidden/not hidden' bug has been squashed. The 'victim gets roundtime' bug has been squashed. And some other unreported bugs I found in STEAL were squashed as well. Enjoy!

09-12-2004 HIDE has been fixed and re-released. Hiding in front of players only earned skill experience when other players had sufficient Spot skill, which is a skill we do not use. The skill check has been changed to Search instead and so now Hide is readily trainable once more.

09-13-2004 dozens of weapon fixes have been made to the treasure system, which were previously not generating the correct stats for many weapons. Newly-generated items from creature drops will be affected (we won't be changing the old ones you've already acquired). Also, you can now find titanium scimitars and rapiers.

09-13-2004 100 new and different miscellaneous items have been added to the treasure system today, including several clan and guild-related roleplaying items (many of which are wearable) and new enysiatite devices.

09-14-2004 a number of changes have been made to our game server hardware and software to help enhance game performance, particularly making the game faster and more responsive. You should notice a significant, overall increase in system response with far fewer sporatic delays. Please let us know if the game seems quicker to you by REPORT'ing or posting (at our forums) your opinion. Thank you!

09-15-2004 60 items have been added to our treasure system today, allowing for creature-specific item drops such as equipment (weapons and armor), wearable fluff, and random role-playing junk.

09-16-2004 Extended Free account subscriptions will no longer be offered for Eaxia Online after 9/30/04. Basic Free (to be renamed simply 'Free') account subscriptions will remain and for the next two weeks, all free account subscribers are being offered a 15% discount on all prepaid packages. We also offer prepaid packages for all paid subscriptions now too. For more details, please visit:

09-17-2004 three new magic suffixes have been added to the Treasure System: destiny, magnificence, and oblivion. Each of them have many more benefits than usual magical effects. Happy hunting!

09-18-2004 the DRAIN command has been released. This is a Necromancer-only command and is used for the Drain Dead and Advanced Drain Dead abilities.

09-19-2004 the UNSUMMON command has been released. It has technical use (unsummoning controlled creatures) and emote/role-playing use (use it on a player or on yourself).

09-19-2004 the Necromancer guild has been released! Find GuildMaster Garren in the ruined tower out in the dangerous Soulstealer Swamp. This guild is not for novices, so become familiar with the game before deciding that Necromancy is the life for you. Please note that characters that are Necromancers should not be treated as exempt from our current player policy. They are not automatically evil. Enjoy!

09-20-2004 Rhadam's Curse was previously not being taken into effect when one NPC/creature was attacking another NPC/creature. This bug has been fixed and a cursed creature will definitely be damaged if hurting another creature.

09-20-2004 much more scrap and metal materials can now be looted and found in the treasure system (increased odds). the Black Market now sells tin scrap. Brass scrap in the Black Market has been fixed and is buyable now. Pounding melted metal into blades and spikes sometimes left melted metal (bug) has been fixed. Fire stoking should now be more obvious when it helps (instead of the fire always getting hotter).

09-20-2004 Affix Barbs will now work on many more types of flexible armors, like padded armor, quilted armor, and hide armor (and some others). Affix Spikes and Affix Blades previously didn't work at all and should now be fixed. Affix Spikes and Affix Blades will work only on solid, sturdy armor like platemail, chainmail, half plate, carapace armor, etc.

09-20-2004 barbs, spikes, and blades affixed to armor now activates 33% more frequently. Additionally, they each do a bit more damage than before. Poisons, venoms, refined venoms, acids, toxins, and dissolvents do more damage and active three times as often (third to half of all attacks).

09-20-2004 blessed weapons (those that are blessed by characters, NPCs, or even 'permanently blessed'), weapons that are poisoned (or have any other type of toxin, venom, acid, or dissolvent applied to them), and armor that has been affixed with barbs, blades, and spikes are all no longer considered to have magical effects and do not, in themselves, count towards the magical item limit of four. If a weapon or armor is magical and has one of these types of effects (poison, spikes, whatever) applied or affixed to it, it will, of course, still be magical and count towards the limit like it should, though.

09-21-2004 type-ahead limits have been added to our command input system, preventing massive text flooding (sending multiple commands at once). This is a blessing and a curse to many of you and has advantages and disadvantages, for certain. The current type-ahead limit is three for Champion subscribers, two for Adventurer subscribers (and trial accounts), and one for everyone else (exception: staff accounts).

09-21-2004 one of the training rooms in the Necromancer guild now allows ability score training. Read the sign for more details.

09-21-2004 player housing is now available in the Necromancer guild. Twelve tombs in the tower's training area area each claimable and come with a single bed... if you can call it that. The bed can be used to store items.

09-21-2004 as you've probably noticed, the game is extremely responsive now (except for those of you who have regular ISP lag, you poor dial-up souls). We found some old, stupid code that was affecting the performance of every aspect of the game. Fixing it has dramatically decreased command response to a near-invisible level, which is particularly noticable while moving from room to room. Enjoy the faster Eaxia!

09-21-2004 thought messages have been fixed for GemStone-mode under The Wizard (see SET command). Previously, all thought messages read 'healthy', even if the character was hurt or near death. This is now fixed and will display one of four health indications next to the thought message for all you GemStone-mode Wizard players.

09-22-2004 APPRAISE has been updated to show much more information for container-type items, including how full the container is, how much weight is inside of it, and how many items it contains.

09-22-2004 creatures killed by hurting themselves on your armor or reaching through a holy/unholy aura should now give you experience as if you had taken an action to kill it. Previously it would just die, giving no one experience.

09-27-2004 the CLIENT command has been released for those of you who use alternate game clients and would like to toggle on/off The Wizard protocol support.

09-27-2004 a big weather upgrade has gone live today, which includes improvements to weather messaging, weather tracking changes across individual regions (instead of one game-wide weather status), weather status additions to room descriptions, and penalties to activities performed in severe weather. *PLEASE NOTE* that you can very easily die if you trek out in dangerous weather conditions for long -- be sure to bring healing magics with you if you decide you'd like to live, or stay indoors where you're safe from the weather. New characters (level 5 and below) will receive no damage from weather. Characters levels 6-10 will receive 50% damage from weather. Characters levels 11-20 will receive 75% damage from weather. All other characters will receive full damage from harsh weather (and you'll receive messages when you do). Additionally, there is a new skill called Weather Endurance that you'll slowly learn from withstanding harsh weather and will help you protect against it with sufficient rank.

October, 2004      BACK
10-02-2004 the Necromancer spell 'Raise Skeletal Archer' has been changed to 'Raise Skeletal Champion' and has been released. The Necromancer spells 'Blood Golem' and 'Manifest Dark Knight' have also been released.

10-02-2004 the Barbarian ability 'Warcry' is temporarily unavailable pending some fixes.

10-14-2004 Combat updates: Weapons in your left hand now have the same checks for game balance (too strong, too light, etc.) as your right hand does. Fixed poisoned weapon messaging (had wrong perspective showing).

10-14-2004 Skill updates: The skill depreciation system has been removed entirely. We don't feel that skill depreciation has added to the game's value (entertainment, challenge, etc.) and is mostly just an annoyance in its current form. We may or may not ever re-introduce it, but for now, skills will no longer slowly depreciate over time. Also, all skills will show a rank-gained message when reaching a new, full rank in the skill, regardless of whether or not it is a trade skill. Trade skills will note that no experience was earned (and why).

10-14-2004 SIT updates: a few messaging bugs/typos were fixed. Additionally, Druid trees can now be sat against.

10-14-2004 Druid updates: Druid trees can be identified by LOOK'ing at them. Druid's can now DRAG while shapeshifted. The Druidess title can now be selected using TITLE PRE CHOOSE DRUIDESS (previously, female Druids had to use TITLE PRE CHOOSE DRUID as it did not recognize DRUIDESS). Pollen now awards Combat Casting skill experience under the right circumstances. Additionally, Pollen will no longer harm other players unless they're considered rivals/enemies (opposing good/evil alignment, combat arrangements, group status, etc.). Scorpion shapeshifting form no longer subtracts from attack rating. Shapeshifting abilities and spell effects will now notify you when their effects end. SPELL INFO now works for all Druid spells.

10-15-2004 the healing attendants in the Healer's guild have been removed. Their presence, while beneficial to some players, were destroying much of the value of many healing-based classes.

10-18-2004 Draconian Warriors and Elders hunting areas have been expanded by one room each (not a lot, but will help crowding somewhat for now).

10-18-2004 several fixes have been applied to our English parsing system, which should improve how some commands perform, such as COMPARE.

10-20-2004 we've added an Out-Of-Character area to relax in which is accessible at Semanri, South Town Square by typing GO OOC.

10-22-2004 the weather system and calandar/time system has undergone several changes, including fixes to synchronizing problems, enhancements to the TIME command, and weather influences from region/zones including geographic location, elevation, etc.

January, 2005      BACK
01-04-2005 death adder poison frequency has been reduced significantly.

01-04-2005 combat rewrite, equipment updates, and other important details posted in our announcement forum. Please go to for more details!

01-07-2005 Draconian elders have called for reinforcements! Expect to see a few new faces when battling these foes... and be sure to bring a healer friend!

01-18-2005 Minor Violations (section 12.1 of our Player Agreement Policy) has been reduced from 1-3 days to 1 day (in general). Also, our AFK/Scripting policy has been completely reworded (section 11.1) to clearly indicate what is and is not acceptable gameplay behavior. While the actual rule has not been changed, the section is now far easier to read and more specific. Additionally, the first-time violation consequence has been lowered from Major Violation (30 days) to Minor Violation (1 day). All violations also may include experience, skill, and/or other penalties. We will be much less lenient on first-time violators now (we've been letting a lot of people go with just a caution just to have them be caught scripting a few days later).

01-21-2005 Due to a money exploit, Aezaza's Gems in Semanri, Southeast Town Square is permamently closed. Some of the merchandise that the shop offered will be available in other stores shortly.

01-23-2005 The difficulty of skinning draconians has been set to a more appropriate range. Also, the value of skins and gems sold to merchants no longer get a sales price bonus based on the seller's level.

01-23-2005 The WORN command now shows equipment items with their own flag. While this may not be terribly useful now, it will with the new equipment system.

01-23-2005 The Mystic Strobe has opened for business in Semanri, selling limited wares (for now).

01-27-2005 the gigantic black diamond has been moved from Semanri, South Town Square, to just south of there, to help traffic congestion.

01-31-2005 the LEAN verb no longer has posture restrictions. The messaging has been changed slightly, too.

01-31-2005 the NIBBLE verb has been released. You may nibble on players (requires affection setting enabled) or objects. Type NIBBLE for a list of nibble areas.

01-31-2005 new wear zones have been released, including horns (Minotaurs), wings (Avians), tails (Rurowli and Drago), toes (toe rings), and underwear/undergarments (top and bottom). I realize there is some controversy over the existence and use of undergarments in Eaxia. This wear zone was created for private role-playing use only. Use of it in an inappropriate and/or sexually-offensive manner, especially in public areas, is prohibited by our policy. Please be respectful of your fellow player.

01-31-2005 a number of skill fixes went into effect that should prevent minor skill rank fluctuations (suddenly losing ranks then suddenly getting them back). This will not affect intended fluctuation such as those caused by skill-bonusing magical items used before and after the four-item limit.

February, 2005      BACK
02-14-2005 dance room mechanics have been fixed to prevent players from dancing with other players who were hiding, dead, or not even in the same room.

02-14-2005 for Valentine's Day, the Love Potion has decided to sell new wares!

02-24-2005 Squicht's Inn will no longer sell food and drink at a low price but a much higher resale value.

02-25-2005 the NUZZLE emote has been upgraded. New messaging for trying to nuzzle an NPC, nuzzling by itself, and nuzzling oneself. The verb can also now be used by players who are in a shapeshifted form. Also, nuzzling other players will now be done playfully instead of lovingly (bonded players will get a loving nuzzle and a happy sigh).

02-25-2005 the HUG emote has been upgraded slightly. Shapeshifted 'bear' form can now use the verb. Also, hugging NPCs will no longer give a 'I could not find what you were refering to.' message. And lastly, you can HUG yourself (couldn't before) -- you know, if you're that sad and all.

02-25-2005 the entrance to the D'mare Fin's Port Authority on Fine Clothing has been repaired.

02-25-2005 players speaking their racial language while hiding would produce improperly-formatted text if they were asking or exclaiming something. This has been fixed.

April, 2005      BACK
04-14-2005 animal companions will now refuse to FIND/locate another player until a specific duration has lapsed after a previous attempt.

04-14-2005 home ownership restrictions have been fixed for all account types. This includes entering a house that's owned by a player who does not have the appropriate account type to own homes (or multiple homes). Also, homes will now auto-expire on their own if the account should not own a home. If the account is free or the home is owned by a Commoner or Adventuer subscription and it is not the account's first home, then the home will expire in *ONE WEEK* unless the account is upgraded. If the account has expired and was previously a paid account (of any kind) or the account is suspended, the homes owned by the account will expire in *TWO YEARS*. If you can no longer enter a house, you will be told why and if it will expire, it will tell you when.

04-14-2005 eleven new homes have been added in the Crystal Caverns: three on Silver Stone Way, four on Wisteria Avenue, and four in the Outer Caves. Type HOMES CRYSTAL for details.

04-15-2005 the HOMES command has been released. Use this command to check for home availability, price, and expiration of homes. You can even search for homes in a specific exterior location. Enjoy!

04-15-2005 four new homes have been added in the Ranger's Guild. Type HOMES RANGER for details.

04-15-2005 four new homes have been added in V'Rung. Type HOMES V'RUNG for details.

04-15-2005 four new homes have been added in the Necromancer's Guild. Type HOMES RUINED for details.

May, 2005      BACK
05-05-2005 a bug was fixed with GuildMaster Garren who was not removing arcane and divine spells from players (at all). Garren will properly remove these spells upon joining again. Additionally, non-Necromancer spells will not allow preparation by Necromancers anymore.

05-05-2005 minor updates and fixes were made to the Necromancer's spell listing.

05-05-2005 COMBINE has been fixed -- it was previously destroying additional objects being combined when the syntax COMBINE HOLDINg was *not* being used.

05-05-2005 SKILLS ALL works again.

05-05-2005 attempting to affix barbs to armor that already have barbs, blades, or spikes on it will no longer give you the bizarre indication that your *barbs* already have something affixed on them.

05-06-2005 you can no longer whisper messages to yourself, although whispering to yourself will produce an emote message.

05-15-2005 the descriptions for burden levels have been adjusted to be more clear. The formulas for how burdened you are have not changed. Specificly 'Light Load' has been changed to 'Not burdened', 'Medium Load' to 'Lightly burdened', and 'Heavy Load' to 'Moderately burdened'. 'Overburdened' was not changed.

July, 2005      BACK
07-24-2005 the Out-Of-Character area has been temporarily removed due to misuse of the area's intended function. Warnings were ignored not to use the area as an escape from combat, especially to drag dead bodies in need of healing during invasions, etc.

07-28-2005 15 new shapes for master gemcutting finishes have been added.

07-28-2005 the roundtime for gemcutting critical failure has been reduced from 45 seconds to 15 seconds.

07-28-2005 the Attendant vs Assistant bug with Healer titles has been fixed. As a result, Assistant will no longer be available while the assigned title of Assistant can now properly be selected and listed in Healer pre-titles.

07-28-2005 mage and wizard trainable spells damage has been increased significantly to better match their high mana and casting costs. Synergies are 60% more effective, Power Tap is 80% more effective, training bonuses are up to 200% more effective, and base spell damage has been raised from 0-80% depending on tier.

07-28-2005 flailing at yourself will no longer say 'his face' if you are female.

07-28-2005 it is no longer possible to randomly fall off the gigantic diamond south of Semanri, South Town Square if you are dead, although you can still be ROLL'ed off.

07-28-2005 an exploit involving the length of time a Barbarian's charge attack is effective against NPCs has been fixed. Charging should no longer last 1.5 - 2.0 minutes.

07-28-2005 Warcry has been re-released.

07-28-2005 Whirlwind hit chance and damage output has been fixed to a more appropriate level.

August, 2005      BACK
08-14-2005 three new recipes involving willow wood are now available.

08-14-2005 four treehouse homes have been made available for purchase in the Sal va'Taer Forest. Type HOMES for details.

08-14-2005 four cave homes have been made available for purchase in the east side of the Cluricaune Mountains pass (between Semanri and Cal'Ziz). Type HOMES for details and HOME (when you're inside the home) for information on how to purchase.

08-14-2005 eight villas have been made available for purchase in Tes'Kata Village. Type HOMES for details.

08-15-2005 13 new homes have been released. See HOMES for details.

08-19-2005 130 unique titles based on class AND racial selection have been released for all races (except human and some old, no-longer-available half races) and all classes. These titles are only available at level 40 and above. Enjoy!

September, 2005      BACK
09-19-2005 you can now ADVANCE TARGET to engage what that player is currently facing without any guesswork.

November, 2005      BACK
11-17-2005 the Enchanting system preview is now live, which currently features one enchantable item: crystal fragments can be created by skilled and/or high-level Wizards with a specific gemstone. See ENCHANT for more details (yes, most classes will ultimately be able to enchant and imbue items with different magic types).

11-20-2005 various typos have been fixed in a dozen emotes. Also, messaging has been changed or added to the following emotes: GRIN , KISS CHEEK <target>, SIGH (four different options), and STRETCH .

11-21-2005 WINK and PEER have been fixed.

11-21-2005 trying to cast with only one hand will no longer give the message that you have no hands at all to cast with.

11-21-2005 failing to backstab an NPC/creature will now correctly remove you from hiding and assign a short roundtime, as originally intended.

11-21-2005 the ranger tracking ability now correctly honors roundtimes, stuns, unconsciousness, and other conditions that prohibit action instead of only checking to see if the ranger is alive.

11-21-2005 LOOK'ing at animal companions from the new animal companion system will no longer force you out of hiding.

11-21-2005 drinking fire water will no longer sometimes give a completely blank line as it often did.

11-25-2005 EXHALE messaging no longer exhales with relief (you can use SIGH for that), but instead just exhales slowly.

11-26-2005 PULL <target> messaging no longer pulls a target's arm, but instead pulls that target close to you.

11-26-2005 IGNORE <target> had a typo fixed (ingore vs ignore) and now allows ignoring objects and creatures/NPCs.

11-26-2005 CRINGE has been upgraded to allow cringing at targets (objects, creatues/NPCs, yourself, and other players).

11-27-2005 TUG <target> messaging no longer just tugs on a target, but tugs on a target's arm.

June, 2007      BACK
06-07-2007 Due to personal emergencies, Errand has resigned and will not have internet access for several months, if not longer. If you have been corresponding with him, please forward your messages to accordingly.

August, 2007      BACK
08-04-2007 Five new homes were released south of D'Mare Fin!

08-04-2007 A secondary monk guild extension has been opened near the north gate of Semanri

08-12-2007 If you attended the player/staff meeting on 12-AUG-07 please contact GD Astracon for a special gift.

September, 2007      BACK
09-19-2007 Monk Guildmaster Etaros has turned over his position into the capable hands of his former student Wenyth, to spend his final years in isolation,meditation and relaxation tending to his garden. The monk guild is now welcoming old members and accepting new applicants in the new guild building located next to the north gate of Semanri.

09-19-2007 The smell and sniff verbs are now live. Systems are in place for SEVERAL things to the ability to have smells. Enjoy!

09-25-2007 The following commands have been updated to allow for messaging while hiding: APPLAUD, BAWL, BEAM, BLANCH, BLINK, and BREATHE.

November, 2007      BACK
11-20-2007 Player-Staff meetings have been cut back to every three weeks. We will start this Saturday the 8th of December at 8PM Eastern Followed by Saturday the 29th of December at 8PM Eastern.

11-20-2007 A get-together for thanksgiving will be held at 10:30 AM EST for those wishing to come to it please come to STS at that time.

December, 2007      BACK
12-24-2007 Happy Holidays to all!! There is a gift for everyone under the tree in south town square, to get your gift type "GET GIFT UNDER TREE". Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

March, 2008      BACK
03-01-2008 We want to apologize again for the service outage from Fri 11:00 PM EST 2/29/08 until Sat 5:15 PM EST 3/1/08. We will be issuing account credit reimbursements once we get the last few minor details squared away. Essentially, one of the hard drives in the new server failed and it took some time to rebuild around the errors (there was no data lost). Thanks for your patience and understanding and welcome back!

03-23-2008 The Homes 2.0 system has been upgraded to allow owners to set whether or not visitors can pick up and drop items in their home.

03-23-2008 The Homes 2.0 system has been upgraded to be compatible with old Fundraiser housing systems.

03-28-2008 The Treasure system now drops 'berserking' magic items.

April, 2008      BACK
04-01-2008 Corrupt data in the drop tables for miscellaneous treasure items has been fixed. Creatures should no longer drop odd-looking items.

04-03-2008 The NEWS system has been upgraded.

May, 2008      BACK
05-26-2008 We have rebuilt the game server and are addressing missing items/data corruption issues. Please see our forums for full details (Talk To The Staff -> General -> Complaints -> Are You Missing Something Recently?)

March, 2009      BACK
03-01-2009 All prestige classes are now able to train players up to level 125.

January, 2010      BACK
01-01-2010 The alignment depreciation system, teaching system, troll regeneration system, tending system, and bleeding/injured-area health loss system have been fixed.

01-01-2010 If you are missing items, please contact Exxy at and arrange a time where you can be in-game with him. Eaxia's server died during the holidays and caused some havoc with this. A full inventory restoration should be available.

01-30-2010 It has been brought to my attention that my e-mail address is not working and that some of you have been mailing me with no response. For now, please use the form feedback at (it will redirect you) until I... can get our mail server fixed and if you don't receive a reply within 72 hours, you can safely assume that I did not receive your message (except in rare cases where a reply is not necessary, such as bug reports). I know this has frustrated a lot of you (according to the player that instant messaged me this information) and I'm sorry.

April, 2010      BACK
04-23-2010 Account upgrades from Commoner (free) status no longer ask for an outrageous upgrade fee. You can upgrade to an Adventurer, Champion, and Sponsor account status without breaking the bank! Starting immediately, Champion account subscriptions now give 2 alteration credits per cycle, Sponsor accounts give 3, and Sponsor Elite accounts give 5.

04-23-2010 Version 2.00 of GoPlay! is now available at our websites. This version adds multi-account support, support for future games, automatic updates, and a few bug fixes. Please uninstall your current version -- this shouldn't remove your Wizard settings. Then install the new version. This will prevent you from seeing duplicate icons.

04-23-2010 Homes that weren't expiring correctly should now. Thanks to Dromar for pointing this one out!

04-23-2010 APPRAISE will now tell you if an item is bound to someone (and who it's bound to). If an item is not bound, nothing new will show up in the appraisal info.

04-23-2010 The Chi Void Blade ability has had some typo fixes. So has a number of Castles cards.

04-23-2010 Ruza'briix no longer limits his inventory, but the items he give will only work for the buyer (bound items).

04-23-2010 WORN had a face-lift -- it now properly aligns text for fixed-length fonts. It also shows containers and whether or not they're empty.

04-23-2010 HOLY ALTERATIONS! Champion account subscribers now get 2 free alterations per month. To my records, all alteration orders have been filled, but if you're missing any, just let the staff know!

04-23-2010 Exxy's e-mail has been fixed. The feedback form and his direct e-mail at should work without issues. Thank you everyone for being patient while we get this fixed!

04-23-2010 Creatures will no longer avoid combat based on their health percentage but on other factors now. This fixes a problem with players intentionally leaving creatures with low health so that they're undisturbed in dangerous areas.

04-23-2010 You can no longer CRAWL while in combat.

04-23-2010 The Castle's card 'Rock Stompers' has been fixed to 8 damage to the opponent's wall. It was previously dealing 10 damage, despite clearly saying 8.

04-23-2010 Veins of ore should no longer be subject to game-crashing effects. Dream of the Dead, Necromancer Curses, shooting ranged weapons, etc. are now safeguarded.

04-24-2010 Home furniture displacement and delivery has been re-written and should hopefully not crash the game anymore. Let me know if there are any problems with it!

04-24-2010 Rhadam's Curse should no longer crash the game if your attack would have reflected damage that killed you (versus both players and creatures).

04-24-2010 Marlain's Concoctions and Goods in the Crystal Caverns has been repaired; the catalog can be read again.

04-24-2010 The Barbarian clans (GoreHunger, FrozenHeart, BloodJaw, and SteelBand) are now easier to join. When you arrive, just take a look at the leader in the room with you.

04-24-2010 Full-blooded Drago can now tend their tails (and can have their tails tended by others).

04-24-2010 The D'Mare fin Library's catalog has been repaired and can now be read properly to list available books for sale.

04-24-2010 The BREATHE verb has been fixed (same as EXHALE verb).

04-24-2010 Turquoise stones are now considered to be 'turquoise' for the purpose of Bard's ability to IMBUE gems.

04-24-2010 Black bears from Druid's 'Horns of the Wilds' summoning spell have the correct amount of health now (it was too low, before) and should no longer turn into a sleek panther when defeated.

04-24-2010 Starfire chain (and other bound armor) should now APPRAISE and give armor bonuses correctly.

04-30-2010 We're testing an experimental new system for stability and effectiveness. While it should be mostly transparent to you guys, if you notice anything that has drastically changed (for the worse), please let us know!

04-30-2010 CHUCKLE is now using the experimental system and has been upgraded to allow you to chuckle at objects and from hiding.

04-30-2010 INVENTORY is now using the experimental system and (note that it currently does not hide items worn under clothing from yourself).

04-30-2010 the teaching system was tweaked to raise the cap with more students you're teaching. In addition, once you hit this cap, there's a slower cap that will still let you gain smaller amounts of teaching skill (set fairly high).

May, 2010      BACK
05-04-2010 STAND has been upgraded to allow you to STAND next to stuff. Wee!

05-04-2010 a MUMBLE emote/verb has been added to the game.

05-04-2010 Design a merchant? Awesome! A new contest has been posted at

05-16-2010 the Eaxia Online store has been launched and is ready for you to take a look at immediately! The online store is a way to purchase and claim item alterations, custom descriptions, bonus-granting items, customizations for your home, and more! ... We will be adding more features to the store soon, so be sure to check back regularly. Additionally, Champion account owners will no longer receive alteration credits, but instead credit towards the online store of equal value. Let us know what you think!

05-30-2010 Don't forget about our contests! Our merchant contest ends this Friday, June 4th and the verb contest ends Monday, June 14th. Hope to hear from all of you at the forums!

August, 2010      BACK
08-04-2010 Eaxia Online support will be limited from August 5th through August 20th. GameDirector Exxy and GameDirector Autumn are getting married August 5th and will be unavailable for weeks to come. Eaxia Online support will be limited from August 5th through August 20th. GameDirector Exxy and GameDirector Autumn are getting married August 5th and will be unavailable for weeks to come. Support mailboxes will be monitored for urgent issues, but please do not expect any official responses if your message isn't particularly urgent. See you all in a few weeks!

October, 2010      BACK
10-10-2010 Class adaptation is now live and gives most classes the limited ability to change to other classes. Here's how it works: you can change to another class by visiting that class' guildhall and typing JOIN. Your original prestige class must share a base class with the new class you are joining (for example, a Ranger can become a Barbarian because they both share Fighter as their base class). Class changes will reset all spells you have learned (so a Cleric becoming a Paladin becoming a Healer will lose all Cleric spells, even if you go back to a Paladin). Make your choices wisely. As of right now, there is no limitation to the frequency at which you can change classes. Due to the extreme nature of retraining, you will be left very weak after changing classes. Additionally, no classes can adapt to Necromancers (they simply don't want anything to do with you). Watch your health! Enjoy and please report any problems using the BUG command.

December, 2010      BACK
12-07-2010 This is just a quick notice to remind everyone that free/Commoner accounts are not permitted to be shared, and are limited to one per household. We have noticed a number of players logging in from the same household and using multiple free accounts, and also several accounts that are logged in from multiple locations. This policy is mentioned on our Account Types page, which can be found here: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the limits of free accounts.

12-20-2010 Hey guys! Things are starting to brew over on our forums! Naelena is calling out to all clans and also holding auditions for an acting troupe! For more information about the clan call out, check here: and for auditions check here:

12-24-2010 This is just a quick reminder that you have only a little under 48 hours to get your tickets for the home voucher raffle! This voucher is for a custom made home, with up to three rooms! Please READ the voucher for full details! The raffle ends 12/26/10 at 9pm EST! Make sure to check out the other raffle in the wagon for a spiffy piece of jewelry!

12-28-2010 Reminder: As per policy, players are required to not be OOC (out of character) while in the public areas gaming environment (which includes the thinker), aside from the OOC area. This can be reviewed in section 11.5 of our policies. To reach the OOC area go through the orb in the South Town Square of Semanri. Simply GO OOC to get there. We also have an OOC verb where you can whisper OOC messages to other players. All you have to do is type OOC the name of the player and your message. Talking about verbs, lag, the game kicking you, so on so forth is out-of-character. Things like this have been a persistent problem as of late, and we have been getting a number of complaints. Please be courteous of your other players and keep it in character!

January, 2011      BACK
01-04-2011 Janella will be around on Friday, January 7th at 3:30PM MST/5:30PM EST to do alterations for those who have yet to receive one. She will also be taking orders for custom articulated pieces at this time!

01-05-2011 A reminder about REPORTing -- If there are no Eaxia staff on-duty there is a good chance that your report will not be seen. If there are no staff on-duty and you require assistance, please use the ASSIST command, email us, or post on our forums and someone will get back to you!

01-06-2011 For Honor and Glory, a new contest! Everyone be sure to pop over to the forum to read about this new contest based around the game Honor and Glory! It can be found in Talk to the Staff, Assistance, Contests!

01-10-2011 Raffle Reminder: The winning ticket for the articulated jewelry pieces was drawn yesterday. Keep in mind that whoever has that winning ticket needs to contact Autumn to claim their prize by 12pm MST/2pm EST tomorrow or a new winner will be drawn!

01-11-2011 Raffle Info: Due to some confusion with the tickets, I will give until the end of the day today to claim the prize. The tickets should now display the proper LOOK description on them, and show the right winning number. Which, in this case is 74. If no one claims by midnight MST (assist, email, forum PM) I will redraw when I get up in the morning.

01-11-2011 IMPORTANT! Please take a few minutes to make sure that your email addresses on your accounts are up to date. There has been several times recently where we have attempted to email someone only to have the email returned to us because the address we have on file is invalid. Thanks!

01-19-2011 Don't forget about the Honor and Glory contest! You have about a week and a half to get those entries in! Check our forums for more information.

July, 2011      BACK
07-12-2011 The Monarch Society is throwing a date auction! Log in at 8pm EST on the 16th to catch it! More information can be found at

07-14-2011 REMINDER: If you are connected to multiple accounts, you must actively pay attention to both of them and role-play with both of them. If one of your accounts fails to respond to a script check, all of your accounts will be subject to suspension. If you need to idle on one or more characters, please take that character to a private home where they will not disturb others or simply log them out. Also keep in mind that ANY unattended experience gain, or automated game play, is a violation of our player policy (everywhere -- including inside player homes). We also want to remind you that it's considered out-of-character and a disruption to the role-playing environment to connect "pocket healers" or any character that you log in to provide you with a quick benefit (healing, teleportation, resurrection, etc.) and then logs out. Please don't make a habit of doing that, especially when there are other players around who could help you.

07-27-2011 Greetings Eaxians! Game Director Exxy and Game Director Autumn are going on vacation for their anniversary from Thursday, August 4th to Monday, August 8th, and will be completely unavailable during this time. Expect support to be limited for the days leading up to and after these dates. This includes but is not limited to things like answering emails, completing alteration quests, and answering assists. Support should resume as normal on Thursday, August 11th.

August, 2011      BACK
08-22-2011 Hi folks! If you're wanting to contribute and submit a merchant for the upcoming festival, please email them to Autumn no later than September 1st! The festival currently doesn't have an ETA, and will be released when ever it is finished, so please be patient!

08-25-2011 There have been numerous times where staff have attempted to email players and we have been unable to reach you! Please make sure your email addresses on all accounts are up to date using the following link: Thank you!

April, 2012      BACK
04-24-2012 Greetungs Eaxians! The festival is now open! It is located right outside of Semanri's east gate. The raffle is set up, and the first drawing will be on May 1st. After which time a new item will be added! As usual, if you see anything wonky, ASSIST or email Autumn. Enjoy!

May, 2013      BACK
05-09-2013 I've fixed the home expiration system to expire homes from accounts that haven't logged in for more than two years. Enjoy the flood of available homes!

05-09-2013 FYI: anyone who gets the smart idea to claim homes, abandon them, and repeat to try and score tons of items will have their accounts permanently deleted. Please don't ruin things for others.

05-09-2013 A strange obelisk has been seen in Semanri. Only the eldest of Eaxia's bravest warriors will be bestowed greatness when they TOUCH it.

05-09-2013 If you claim an abandoned home that has multiple rooms, someone on staff will have to fix the remaining rooms in the house for you. Make sure to ASSIST!

July, 2013      BACK
07-19-2013 Greetings Eaxians! Information about wedding packages and custom titles has been added to the forums!

07-24-2013 Hi guys! I've gone ahead and cleared out the assist line. I know some of the stuff in there was OLD, and some had been fixed. If you're still having problems please please e-mail us using the support form on the website. Being logged into your account there will help, so we know who you are! If you're missing items, please be as specific as possible. If you're having problems with a room, please email AND assist from the problem room. This way we know where it is. Thank you!

07-24-2013 Please keep in mind that all of Eaxia's policies are still in effect. This includes AFK scripting, or EXP gain while not at the keyboard. If you need to review them, you can do so at the website. -Autumn

07-28-2013 Actually, if you guys with room problems could go ahead and ASSIST as well as BUG from the room that would be awesome. BUG gives me a bit more information to work with. Thanks! - Autumn

August, 2013      BACK
08-04-2013 Autumn's birthday is the 19th, and to celebrate we'll be doing increased drop rates and EXP gain! No specific times, just from whenever we turn it on, to whenever we turn it off!

08-25-2013 Sorry for the delay - increased drop rates for magical items and increased experience are now turned on. Since it totally slipped my mind to turn them on Monday, they will remain on for a few days. If anything appears to be off/broken, please email us!

December, 2013      BACK
12-23-2013 If you suspect you are missing items, please try the new FIXME utility command. Make sure to spread the word so everybody knows about it.

May, 2016      BACK
05-06-2016 Animal companions can follow and be summoned at Semanris South Town Square now.

05-06-2016 Homes no longer expire: expiring homes are doing more harm than good so the system has been disabled for now.

05-15-2016 A LOADOUT command has been added to the game to let you save and restore the precise arrangement of items in your inventory. You may save an unlimited number of loadouts.

05-15-2016 We've rebuilt the map for Liegendir! Take a look at our website and let us know what you think of the new facelift.

05-15-2016 FORAGE has been upgraded so that you can now just FORAGE by itself in a location to randomly look for whatever might be there without knowing specifically what you're looking for.

05-16-2016 The Invader has been fully overhauled with a much more realistic map (east and west actually matter now), horizon landmarks, unpassable obstacles and land masses, and more! We've also added a dock at Telin that you can sail to and will be adding more features at sea as time progresses.

05-16-2016 Harvestable nodes such as veins of ore should no longer notice you attempting to HIDE.

05-16-2016 The SKILLS command should no longer lag the game up like crazy. Please report any issues with the new SKILLS update using the BUG command.

05-17-2016 Fixed a longstanding bug where a group using a GO exit to enter a room with other players would incorrectly show those other players messages indicating that they had arrived. The message correctly shows the new players' arrival.

05-17-2016 Petyr's Pawn Shop in Semanri has had his missing wares returned in his back room. You can once again buy his entire catalog of goods.

05-17-2016 The black cauldron in the Barbarian's Guild Foundry has been fixed (it no longer has some tin scrap stuck inside).

05-17-2016 Guild rosters will no longer show duplicate names in the list.

05-17-2016 You can now stand up while shapeshifted instead of having to return to your normal shape first.

05-17-2016 Several guildhalls should no longer force you out of hiding or require your roundtime to finish for all actions.

05-17-2016 An additional sailing ship, "The Squawking Parrot" is available to sail in case multiple adventurers feel the seafaring urge.

05-17-2016 Six more ships have been added for your sailing convenience, bringing the total of navigable ships to eight. Try not to leave them stranded at sea as there is no way for you guys to fetch them if you do.

05-17-2016 The level cap has been increased from 125 to 150. Please see your class trainers to enjoy more levels of fame! No new abilities or spells are planned or have been released.

05-17-2016 Go take a long sail off a short pier! With a fishing pole... or net... maybe grab some drinks and have a fishing party off a new sailing ship! Fishing has been released with a limited supply of fishing tools available in the donation box in Semanri, South Town Square.

05-18-2016 The Semanri General Store has stocked fishing tools for all your fishing needs! Note that typically the more expensive the fishing tool, the better Fishing skill bonus it gives when in use.

05-18-2016 The weight of an item (and for containers the items inside) are now estimated when you APPRAISE it. You must be physically wearing or holding the item to judge its weight (except for fishing catches).

05-19-2016 Non-flying animal companions can no longer locate people on boats. Sorry, it's just too hard for them to get there!

05-19-2016 You can now see other ships while sailing in the same area with you (along with passengers if they're close enough). Additionally, you can SWIM between ships when you're close enough.

05-19-2016 The LOADOUT command has been fixed and should allow you to RESTORE a loadout correctly again.

05-19-2016 The Fishmonger's Stall in the northeast Boardwalk section of D'Mare Fin is now open for business and will buy the fish you catch out there.

05-19-2016 Spearfishing is now live! You can spearfish (or pole/net fish) in many shallow bodies of water such as beaches, lakes, riverbeds, etc. You will find different fish in freshwater sources than in saltwater.

05-19-2016 Several skill names have been changed to better describe what they're useful for or just to make them a little less awkward. Additionally, Spot and Search were consolidated and merged into Perception.

05-22-2016 A colorful tent has opened a new business in the Semanri Town Square for the whimsical juggler.

05-23-2016 The creatures of Eaxia have become more descriptive when you LOOK at them. I'm not sure when this broke exactly, but there are LOOK descriptions for most creatures, guards, and other NPCs.

05-24-2016 You can now set and clear your post-title, which is particularly useful if you don't like having a post-title or have access to custom post-titles.

05-25-2016 Beetles (all varieties), swamp trolls, giants, death adders, and crictons (all varieties) are now skinnable. Additionally the difficulty to skin all creatures have been adjusted and re-balanced.

05-25-2016 TITLE POST LIST will now show your clan title, you crazy barbarians!

05-25-2016 The Wizard's guildleader, Guuo, will now teach wizards of level 50 and above the new ability Restore Arcana.

05-30-2016 You can no longer STAND up to resurrect yourself. Shame on the person who was abusing this loophole and didn't report it.

June, 2016      BACK
06-13-2016 Some large internal improvements have been made to the core game engine to improve reliability and responsiveness.

August, 2016      BACK
08-17-2016 Pet food now drops from the appropriate creatures out there again.

08-19-2016 To celebrate Autumn's birthday, we've increased the rate of class experience gained and magical items dropped to 500% of normal. Enjoy!

08-19-2016 Odd backstab errors were fixed which were causing quotes to appear instead of the item used to backstab with.

08-21-2016 The magic item drop (loot) system has been diversified considerably. More descriptive weapon and non-weapon types can drop as well as new prefixes and affixes which can deliver much stronger bonuses as before. The reign of magnificence items may be over!

08-21-2016 The maximum number of magical items you can use at the same time has been adjusted. Instead of a maximum of 4 magical items, the maximum is now scaled with your character's level. Specifically: limit 1 at levels 1-9, limit 2 from 10-19, limit 3 from 20-29, limit 4 from 30-39, limit 5 from 40-49, limit 6 from 50-74, limit 7 from 75 to 99, limit 8 from 100-124, limit 9 from 125-149, and limit 10 from level 150+.

08-22-2016 Player home room additions are now available at the Eaxia Online store. Additionally, the price for most purchases has been reduced. The prices were originally set during a time when free store credit was given as part of paid subscriptions to the game, which is no longer the case.

08-23-2016 With the boost in health from new magic effects, Death Struggle and Health Barrier have been improved to heal for more (scaling with healer level).

08-24-2016 Over 100 items have been added to the miscellaneous loot table (where scrap, pipes, marbles, etc. drop from).

September, 2016      BACK
09-11-2016 Consumables have been added to the Eaxia Store that can enhance a player's luck at finding magical items from monsters after combat.

09-14-2016 Years of wear and shifting magma have finally opened way to a new area of Mount Lexunaze, and the Draconians have already made this place part of their home! The lava tubes can be quite tricky and almost maze-like to navigate, so make sure you remember the tunnel that you came through if you hope to find your way out again. Twenty new rooms have been added to the Draconian elder hunting area. This new area has a higher spawn rate than what the current area has, and will hopefully cater to both the loot hunter and leveler alike.

09-19-2016 Please be mindful that public areas are not places to have "private time". It has come to our attention that folks have been engaging in activities that are better kept to homes in public areas. A public area is defined as any place that is not a player home, where another player could just walk into. Conducting these activities outside of a private home violates policy, so please make sure to do them in the apropriate places. Thank you!

09-20-2016 The character deletion process that's long been broken is now functional again.

09-20-2016 The My Account page at the website now includes links to update your account details (name, address, etc.) as well as change your password.

09-27-2016 WORN has been updated to show 'M' for truly magical and 'f' for effected (but not counting toward magic limits).

09-27-2016 The order in which experience bonuses (and penalties) are applied has been fixed. This change will re-emphasize the importance of experience pool sizes and drain rates and you should no longer be able to reach ridiculously over-filled experience pools.

09-27-2016 Selling gems and gem pouches to the jeweler has been fixed. Please note that (a) only special gem pouches that combine gems can be sold to the jeweler and that (b) those gem pouches will consume the gem and increase the value of the pouch (visible in APPRAISE).

November, 2016      BACK
11-21-2016 The custom options in some stores have been fixed and will no longer produce items that have a number in the description instead of the chosen option.

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