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Ancient Gods
Name Sex Align Aspect Gem Color/Symbol Flower Domains
Rothgar M LG White Stag Ivory Ivory Crossed Swords Honor, Vigilance, Righteousness
Hesrika F LG Hawk Alabaster/Marble Greenish White IVy Sky, Ocean, Land, Dounty, Harmony, Beauty, and Nature
Quentil M NG Lynx Marble Green Herbs (healing) Bringer of Life, Healing, Benevolence
Toren M NG Owl Red Marble Red Laurel sprig held in two hands Bringer of Peace, Balance, Order, and Protection
Etillonya F N Wolf Electrum Braided gold, copper, and silver Blindfolder maiden, double-bladed axe, dried laurel sprig Bringer of Fair and Unbiased Justice, Order from Chaos
Baslin M CN Grizzly Bear Black & white marble Black and white Pedulum swinging between good and evil, claw marks God of Action and Rage
Velpar M CE Black Widow Spider Onyx Deep black Black widow spider with a gold hourglass, burnt ashes God of Death and Destruction
Khal M NE Rattlesnake Black diamond Blackened silver Serpent scales, piercing blade God of Shadows, Master of Stealth, Assassin of the Immortals
Valdex M CE Jaguar Obsidian, grey-swirled marble Greyish-black Paladin clad in ebon field plate Destruction, the Anti-Paladin

Greater Gods
Name Sex Align Aspect Gem Color Flower Domains
Oran M LG Unicorn Alabaster Gold Chrysanthemum God of Honor, Righteousness, and Virtue
Alawyn F NG White Dragon Ivory White Lily Bestower of Life
Mariam F CG Serpent Ruby Cyan Verbena Lady of Fate
Mora F LN Griffin Tourmaline Silver Lotus Blossom Goddess of Order, The Judge, The Balance
Galadryn F NN Panther Lapis Lazuli Blue Orchid God of Time, Silent God
Prasad M CN Whale Pearl Royal Blue Sage Keeper of Magic, Insane God
Zak'Ryn'Del M LE Fox Samarskite Grey Hemlock God of Evil, Paladin of the Night
Konla F NE Shark Kunzite Black Deadly Nightshade Goddess of Death
Na'Drack M CE Bat Bloodstone Crimson Bloody White Rose Bloodthirsty God

Lesser Gods
Name Sex Align Governed Race Aspect Gem Color Flower Domains
Penates M LG Oran   Nightingale Star Sapphire Sapphire Larkspur God of Faith, Keeper of Holy Law, Steward of Religion
Vannon M LG Oran Drago Dog Amber Golden Yellow Gardenia God of Ethics and Morals, Happiness, Love and Loyalty
Eligius M LG Oran Halfling Horse Gold Topaz Wheat Wheat God of Hard Work, Crops, Autumn, Harvest, and Goals
Pelloni F NG Alawyn Elves Phoenix Emerald Emerald Green Tulip Goddess of Children, Nature, Spring, and Beginnings
Daithi M NG Alawyn Humans Dove Opal Snow White Daisy God of Building, Civilization and Peace, Patron of the Arts
Kosmy M CG Mariam Avians Gyrfalcon Turquoise Sky Blue Poppy God of Dreams, Divination, Foresight, and the Skies
Tethys M CG Mariam Gnomes Lion Assorted Royal Purple Magnolia God of Destiny, Nobility, Nobles and Riches, Gems
Nicea F LN Mora Ogres Wolverine Diamond Metalic Grey Gladiolus Goddess of Justice, Mortal Law, Strength, and Steel
Eth'Matu M LN Mora   Ram Citrine Brilliant Yellow Sunflower God of Truth, Light, Daytime, and Summer Season
Seosa F LN Mora Dwarves Cave Bear Amethyst Brown Wisteria Goddess of Responsibility, Stability, World, and Mountains
Aleron F NN Galadryn Half-Races Monkey Peridot Yellow Green Lilac Goddess of Changing Seasons and New Direction
Lyris F NN Galadryn   Eagle Moonstone Deep Blue Starflower Goddess of the Sun, Moons, and Stars
Nereus M CN Prasad   Tortoise Jade Jade Jasmine God of Knowledge, Wisdom, Oceans, and Spoken Word
Marena F CN Prasad   Swan Puka Shell Teal Water Lily Goddess of Scholarship, Intelligence, Purity, and Writing
Audan F LE Zak'Ryn'Del   Jackal Obsidian Brown Monkshood Goddess of Stealth, Darkness, Corruption, Shadow God
Larunda F LE Zak'Ryn'Del Rurowli Cat Tiger's Eye Midnight Blue Touch-me-nots Goddess of Lust, Desire, Mischief, Cunning, and Trickery
Rhadam M LE Zak'Ryn'Del Minotaur Viper Fire Ruby Red Iris God of Anger, Hatred, Pain, Wrecker of Homes
Ganayrn M NE Konla   Snow Owl Hydrophane Ice Blue Freesia God of Old Age, Winter Season, and Ice
Mylensia F NE Konla Goblins Rat Aventurine Sickly Yellow Wilted Rose Goddess of Famine, Pestilence, Disease, and Catastrophes
Scur M CE Na'Drack Trolls Ferret Fire Opal Yellow-Orange Dahlia God of Natural Disasters, Storms, and Fire
Hroc M CE Na'Drack   Tiger Onyx Rust Foxglove God of War and Murder

06/18/10: Rhadam's gemstone changed from turquoise to fire rubies.
01/19/03: Konla's aspect changed from a spider to a shark.
01/19/03: Hroc's aspect changed from a shark to a tiger.
01/19/03: Na'Drack's aspect changed from a tiger to a bat.

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