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Eaxia is a world not unlike our own, but set during a time period of medieval technology and wondrous magic. Gods are known to occasionally visit, as do fantastical beasts. You play an important role in the ecology of Eaxia -- that of an inhabitant and adventurer.

Some adventure for gold, others for glory, and still others for the sheer joy of combat. The general population of Eaxia welcomes all these adventurers, and more, as they all help to keep the numbers of marauding creatures down to a minimum. You also help to fuel the economy, as you eat the food grown by farmers, wear the clothes made by tailors and seamstresses, and don the armor and weapons made by various smiths.

You should always remember, you are part of a living-breathing world, populated by many others. You may be the elite as an adventurer, but you are hardly alone in the world. Every city is populated by a whole host of people you may not always take notice of, but they are there, living out their lives just as you do yours. You are likely to interact more commonly with other adventurers, but every shop owner, laborer, or city resident is as alive as you are. So don't be surprised if one should come up to you one day and ask for your help, or start a conversation with you.

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