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Sometimes your best effort just isn't enough. Sometimes the monster(s) you are fighting are bigger, stronger, more skillful, and/or more vicious in combat than you are. Your strongest blows are shrugged off as they methodically rend you asunder. Sometimes they just get lucky. You might be dominating a fierce ogre in a battle, landing slash after slash wound on him while taking scarcely any injury from him in return, and with his last ounce of energy he makes a desperate, vicious swing that you didn't see coming, and buries his club squarely in your skull. Whatever the reason, death is a very real part of Eaxia. Sometimes, the monsters win the battle, and it is your corpse lying on the ground instead of theirs.

When you are slain in battle, your corpse falls to the ground, and anything you were carrying in your hands falls out of your grasp onto the ground; any coins you might have on you will be dropped as well. If you are with any friends, they can pick up what you drop and hold it for you. After this you have two options.

If you know that your friends will try and find your corpse, you can choose to wait for them. They might arrive with a Cleric who is able to use his or her magic to resurrect you and bring you back to life. If you do not know if help is coming, or if you choose not to wait for any help, you can release your soul from your body by typing RELEASE. This usually costs some experience points but the local Mage guild will automatically capture your released soul and restore it into a new body.

This is the message one typically receives upon being slain:

[You are currently dead. You may wait for someone to come to your rescue or you may type 'RELEASE' to release your spirit from your body. Releasing will cause you to lose 142 experience points and your entire inventory will be left in a grave. If you dropped anything, it runs the risk of being permanently lost, so you may want to find someone to watch your belongings. When you release your spirit, the local Mage guild will resurrect you into a new body automatically.]

Note that you might lose much more or less than 142 experience points by releasing. It depends on how high your character is in level.

If you release your soul from your body, it is whisked away to a special room in the Mage's Guild where it is placed in a new body. The new body has no injuries to it but will be weakened from the experience. In the event that you are resurrected by a Cleric or Priest (and sometimes by Paladins and Druids, though not all of them possess the ability), you will return to your old body, which, likewise, will still be weakened from the injuries. However, if you are resurrected, your old body will still be wearing and carrying all the equipment you had at the moment of your death.

If you release, none of your equipment will be transported to the resurrection room where your soul is placed in a new body. Instead, your body and all equipment on it will go into a grave bearing your name. This grave is secure and cannot be tampered with by anyone else. In order to reclaim your equipment, you must return to the area where you died, take all the items out of your grave and put them on.

When you arrive at your gravesite, if you type LOOK IN GRAVE you will see all of your items in there. You have to take each item out one or two at a time (remember you only have two hands) and put them on. Once you have emptied your grave, it will fade away.

Be warned that any items you were holding in your hands at the time of your death will NOT go into your grave if you release. These items can be picked up by anyone, including the "game janitor," and might not be there when you return! Additionally, your grave will only last for an hour before fading away on its own, taking all of the items it still contains with it.

Whenever possible, hunt with a friend or two so they can watch over any valuable items that drop from your hands if you are slain. Also, disable any and all boxes in town whenever you can. That way, if you set off a trap and die from it, it is a short and easy walk back to the site of your death in the event that a Cleric is not available to raise you.

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