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Combat is currently a very straightforward system, although it is constantly evolving and refining.

Upon finding a monster that you wish to battle, you must first ADVANCE on it or ENGAGE it. Since new adventurers typically fight black rats and green goblins, typing ADV RAT or ENG RAT to engage a rat, or ADV/ENG GOB to engage a goblin would do this. Once you start to advance, the combat engine chooses a random number, and then certain factors such as your various attributes; encumbrance, etc. are added to give you a total approach time. You might reach melee range almost immediately, or it may take several seconds to reach the monster.

When you reach melee range, you type JAB to strike it with your weapon. Note that there are other combat maneuvers (such as SLASH and LUNGE, for example). The game will always make an attack with the weapon in your RIGHT hand first. If you are holding a weapon in each hand, you will attack with both weapons although there are attack penalties for this style of fighting unless trained in the proper feats. If you hold your weapon in your left hand and your shield in your right hand, you will make an unarmed attack before attacking with the weapon in your left hand; again it will be treated as if you are fighting with two weapons (with appropriate attack penalties). You CANNOT attack only with the weapon in your left hand, and there is no option to be "left-handed" as to attack at full bonus the way you would with a weapon in your right hand.

If you are badly wounded in battle, it might be a good idea to get out of there before you are killed. You must type RETREAT or DISENGAGE (or RET for short) to retreat from battle. As soon as you are retreated and disengaged from the enemy, you may leave the area.

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