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As a newly starting adventurer you have a choice of five starting (base) guilds to start out in: Fighter, Cleric, Mage, Traveler, and Monk. All other classes start out as members of one of these guilds.

As their names imply, these base guilds are made up of simple Fighters, Apprentice Mages, young Clerics, street-wise Travelers, and the mysterious unarmed combatants know as Monks.

Right now, there are Fighter and Mage guildhalls in the city of Semanri. In order to join the Cleric's guild, you need to go to the desert city of Cal'Ziz, while to join the Monk's Guild you must find a way to get to the port city of D'Mare Fin. The Traveler's guild is a little difficult to find, but as a guild that accepts those who don't quite fit the mold anyplace else, they are a pretty open and accepting lot. Most Travelers will happily escort you to their guildhall, just be sure to ask politely.

Once you do find the guildhall you'd like to join, you need to go about locating the guild leader in order to do so. The guild leaders do not hide from anybody, once you are in the correct guildhall, just explore it and you will eventually find the guild leader.

Now that you are standing in front of the guild leader, you must JOIN the guild. The guild leader will ask you to restate a JOIN request in order to make certain you want to join THAT guild. Doing so will get you initiated; you will become an Initiate of that guild (Fighter Initiate, Cleric Initiate, etc.) and gain your starting skill points, feat, hit points, etc. Once you have joined the Cleric's or Mage's Guild, you will get your starting spell.

Each guild prepares their members for a life of adventuring by training them in various skills, as noted, and feats. Feats are, in layman's terms, abilities that allow the adventurer to use various weapons, armors, combat maneuvers or other nifty tricks of the trade. Teachers of these various feats are found in many spots, so it is best to explore the various cities and guilds. It should be noted that some teachers will only train members of a certain guild in the feat they have mastered, as they feel that only members of that guild have the needed training and discipline to be trusted with that feat. Luckily, most trainers are more open to teaching anyone who seeks them out.

Eventually, a member of any of these guilds will learn all there is to learn in them (usually the 20th level of experience in that guild), or choose to apply to join another guild at the earliest opportunity (generally after reaching the 15th level of experience within your chosen guild) and thus evolve.

Currently there are a few out there, such as the Rangers, Druids, Wizards and Thieves Guilds. The method of joining them is exactly the same as joining the base guilds; but be forewarned, not all of these secondary guilds wish their Guildhall location to be made public. New, secondary guilds are being established all the time, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open to hear tavern tales of these new guilds. Rumors even persist that mysterious prestige guilds might exist for those who have learned all they can from these secondary Guilds. That will have to be for you to find out as you become more experienced.

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