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Ability Scores


Ability Score Purpose Uses
Strength measures your character's muscle and physical power. This ability is especially important for fighters, barbarians, paladins, rangers, and monks because it helps them prevail in combat.
  • Brute-force checks (breaking down doors, etc.)

  • Helps lower combat roundtimes

  • Melee attack damage bonus (force)

  • Bonuses to skills requiring sheer strength, such as the basic skills of jumping, swimming, climbing, and many weapon and armor skills.

  • Weight allowance (encumbrance)

  • Intelligence
    Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. Intelligence is important for wizards because it affects how many spells they can cast, how hard their spells are to resist, and how powerful their spells can be. It's also important for any character who wants to have a strong assortment of skills.
  • Bonuses to skills involving reason and logic, like appraisal, alchemy, mechanics, etc.

  • Helps accellerate learning, allowing recently-learned experience (training experience / TE) to become solid experience (knowledge) faster

  • Spell bonus: Mages, Wizards

  • Wisdom
    Wisdom describes a character's willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition. While Intelligence represents one's ability to analyze information, Wisdom is more related to being in tune with and aware of one's surroundings. An "absentminded professor" has a low Wisdom and high Intelligence. A simpleton (low Intelligence) might still have great insight (high Wisdom). Wisdom is the most important ability for clerics, monks, and druids, and is also important for paladins and rangers. If you want your character to have keen senses, put a high score in Wisdom.
  • Armor Rating bonus for Monks (providing the Monk is *NOT* wearing any armor)

  • Mental resistances (willpower)

  • Bonuses to skills involving intuition and force-of-will, such as perception-based skills, hunting skills, and most skills used by artists and poets.

  • Helps buffer learning, allowing a higher accumulation of recently-learned experience (training experience / TE) before resting becomes necessary

  • Spell bonus: Clerics, Paladins, Druids

  • Stamina
    Stamina represents your character's health and constitution. Stamina increases a character's health, so it's important for everyone.
  • Helps resist physical afflictions such as poison, disease, and extreme temperature

  • Health (the amount of damage you can withstand until you die)

  • Agility
    Agility measures speed and reflexes. Exceptional agility scores can seem to give a person a sixth sense based on how fast a person can react to a situation. This ability is the most important ability for travelers, but it's also high on the list for characters who typically wear light or medium armor (barbarians and rangers) or none at all (monks, mages, and wizards), and for anyone who wants to be a skilled combatant.
  • Armor Rating bonus (providing the character can react to the attack)

  • Helps lower combat roundtimes

  • Bonuses to skills involving speed, such as the following combat skills: shield, combat casting, dodge.

  • Helps avoid physical damage such as dodging fireballs and traps

  • Coordination
    Coordination is a measure of a person's eye-hand coordination, particularly how well developed a person is at controlling their body's movements. Weapon attack accuracy and perception-based skills are highly dependant upon this crucial character statistic. As well, Coordination holds a significant strategic value when coupled with a strong Intelligence.
  • Attack rating bonus (accuracy)

  • Ranged attack rating bonus

  • Bonuses to skills involving presise movements, such as skills used by a jeweler, alchemist, and artist. Other coordination-based skills involve coordination on an awareness level, for example: air and sea navigation.

  • Some descriptions used on this page are quoted from open-source d20 system specs. written by Wizards of the Coast and are used with permission.

    All content is copyrighted © 2001-2024 Role-Players Gaming Network, Inc.  All rights reserved.