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Official Game Library

Welcome to Eaxia Online's official library and archive of information about our game. Please visit often as we will be updating this area frequently with more information as time progresses.

Section Notes
Ability Scores Definitions and information about each of the six ability scores and what they do: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Stamina, Agility, and Coordination.
Classes (Guilds) Detailed information about the classes available, including class progression and a little information about each class.
History The history of Eaxia.
Magic Detailed information about magic in Eaxia. How to use, where it comes from, lists of spells, and more!
Maps Image maps of our gaming environment.
New User Guide New to Eaxia? Start here!
Pantheon Get up close and personal with Eaxian gods.
Races Summary of information on each of our races including details on ability score adjustments (penalties and bonuses).
Skills Skills are a collection of abilities that your character can perform based on the rating / level of the skill. The higher the skill, the better you are at performing it. In here are the full lists of skills in Eaxia Online.

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