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My Kingdom For A Colder Kingdom.

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My Kingdom For A Colder Kingdom.

Postby GDPALLIDAR » Nov 14, 2005 (9:09 am)

Most of you know me (if you know me) as Pallidar, but I'm also known as Trevor Rage, and I operate Haelrahv. Haelrahv and Eaxia share a single server at this time. I'm re-posting my announcement to the Haelrahv players for you guys here so you know what's coming up also. Exxy or myself will ensure you are all kept up to date on the situation as it evolves.


So. I'm moving, and with me, Haelrahv is moving (Eaxia, too).

I'll be headed to North Dakota which is a far cry from Florida, for sure. My brother is buying up a lot of buildings in a small town up there (Grafton) and renovating them. Among these is a hotel I'll be running.

This shouldn't have a lot of impact on Haelrahv, neither the move or the resulting "job". Will I have less time for Hael? A bit but mostly the same, and it should be better quality time, so I expect I may actually get more accomplished in less time.

Initially Hael/Eaxia will continue to run in FL, while I drive with whatever worldly goods I take to ND and get settled in. Once I set up equipment in ND, I will transfer the games over to the stuff in ND and ship our normal game server up.

This should limit the actual game downtime to a matter of several hours. However, since our static IP address will change, there will be time needed for domain name propogation. That is, (for example) will work fine but www.haelrahv.com will not, until the entry for haelrahv has updated with your ISP. This will take anywhere from a few hours to a couple days to update, depending on ISP.

I'll provide our new static IP and information on using it to connect to the game well before we do the server move, so many of you will be prepared ahead of time, and hopefully you can get the word out to friends.

I expect I'll make the move to ND in roughly a week or so. I don't have an estimate on the server move, but I'll keep you all posted.
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