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Hurricane Rita

PostPosted: Sep 23, 2005 (9:09 am)
Heyla everybody,

Holding down the fort in Houston with husband and his family. We're on the west side of Houston, so hopefully will end up on the west side of the eye when it makes its way through. Really had not thought to evacuate. Even if we had left on Tuesday or Wednesday, we'd probably still be on the road. All major highways outbound from Houston are virtually parking lots, due to the manditory evacuations of Galveston and parts of Houston near the shipping channel.

I'll update as long as we have power here. We have plenty of supplies and are more than ready to weather the storm and subsequent power outages.

Til next time.

PostPosted: Sep 24, 2005 (3:31 pm)
Hey Leyara. You guys keep your heads down and be sure and let us know you're okay once you're able to. My prayers are with you.


PostPosted: Sep 24, 2005 (3:48 pm)
All's well here. We dodged a big bullet and were extremely lucky in that. The west side of Houston was missed entirely. We got a lot of wind throughout the night and morning. To quote Pooh, it was a very "blustery" night and day. I feel sorry for the folks who spend hours evacuating in the insane gridlock only to not have needed to in the first place. Several friends of ours spend nearly 30 hours going from Beaumont to San Antonio... a truly ridiculous amount of time. Better safe than sorry, however, in those cases when the evacuation was necessary.

To get on my soapbox for a moment, I think that the media did more harm than good during this hurricane. The amount of sensationalism the aftermath of Katrina and in anticipation of Rita has been nothing but a panic trigger. Those frustrated folks stuck without gasoline in the parking lots that were I-10, I-45, and 290 probably would agree with me. I am afraid that in the event of another such natural disaster situation, people will not evacuate when they really should, having remembered what they went through with Rita.

Ok. ::kicks her soapbox into the corner:: All vented.

Electricity's on, relatively cool, and glad to have missed the brunt of the storm. Thanks for the wellwishes and I hope no one else was caught in the storm. :D

~Kazia - mind behind the druid