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Military Folks

PostPosted: Dec 15, 2004 (2:09 pm)
Just curious how many of us have military ties, whether it be themselves or spouses in the military.

My husband is active duty Army, stationed at Ft. Bragg currently. ::crosses her fingers:: :D :D SOON to be Ft. Hood, TX Need all the prayers for that one as we can get. PCS (permanent change of station) to Hood would be GREAT! :D :D

Anyway, just wondering how many military folks there are out there.

PostPosted: Dec 19, 2004 (11:05 pm)
The player of Argathian is Active Army, currently serving in Baghdad. Has been back and forth between here, there, and Afghanistan...."supposed" to be home January 21st, but I've heard that many many times.

PostPosted: Jan 24, 2005 (2:00 am)
I just (and I do mean just) got out after 10 years in the Navy... would have stayed full term but my wife was really really wanting to start a family and I was due to be sent back to sea duty.. first marriage and kid while I was on sea duty didn't work out so well, so I decided that if she really wanted it that badly and couldn't wait till i went back to shore (she is 35 and never had kids/been married and didn't want to wait) I would get out. Had I re-upped once more.. I'd have done 20+. Grew up military and I loved it then (Dad was army) and when I was in too.. currently I have one or two family members still active duty and my 8 Month old's Godfather is still active duty in San Diego. So... while not currently active duty, I feel for all who are, and yes me and my wife both are very proud of all who have, are, and will serve... thank you to each one of you and to your familys for enduring what has to be the hardest job related lifestyle in the U.S. :D

PostPosted: Jan 25, 2005 (1:35 pm)
I have 10 years of prior service and want to add my thanks to all those who are currently serving. I have many friedns in Iraq and Afganistan and i miss them terribly. Keepem low folks.

I also want to send my love and encouragement to all of you family members of serving soldiers. You know how they need your support. I and all those who have served know just how hard it is on you who are here at home waiting for them to return. Our prayer, Thanks and Blessings are with you and yours.

God speed

military ties

PostPosted: Apr 4, 2005 (9:26 pm)
by Guest
I know this is a long time late, but I recently finished 8 yrs active service.

Am now in school for Network Admin/Managment and possibly systems security.

PostPosted: Apr 13, 2005 (4:26 pm)
This is even a longer time late. I recently got out after 8 years Active duty Army. Spent time in Panama, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afganistan. Over the years I've noticed the majority of people who play RPGs such as this tend to be military personel or spouses. Its a way to escape the crap being military puts on ya. lol. Hey its true atleast for me.

PostPosted: Apr 15, 2005 (7:55 pm)
My little sister is leaving for a short Panama tour Monday (She's full time Guard), and when she gets back in May we are going to get together before she heads over to Iraq to discuss potential things about her sons while she is gone :? (She is a single mother of two boys).

PostPosted: Apr 15, 2005 (8:35 pm)
Military spouse - kind of.

Husband was enlisted Army until retirement in 2003, now he is contract AF doing basically the same job - for more pay. Had to get out. As selfish as it sounds, I didn't want him to go back to the middle east (he served in Desert Storm) now that he has a child.

Our hearts go out to all of you serving in areas of conflict now. Thank you for representing and defending the United States and its people.

PostPosted: Apr 19, 2005 (2:01 pm)
Army wife soon to be plain ole civilian wife. My husband is getting out of the Army... yay! :) So I will be gone for a good while, not sure how long. I've been on hiatus for a few months as it is, stealing a few minutes here or there to jump in game. However, now that we are moving back to Texas ( from NC ) going to have to take a break from gaming and internet for a while.

Take care everyone and safe paths.

PostPosted: Apr 19, 2005 (3:59 pm)
Best wishes to you, Leyara. Come back soon.

-Plinnya's people