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The Battle of Laundry Hill

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The Battle of Laundry Hill

Postby GMGLORYANNA » Aug 10, 2004 (4:02 pm)

Not so long ago, in a place not that far away, a battle of the most epic proportions took place.

In the land of Laundry Room there was a great and terrible menace, the legendary Laundry Monster. Most days the monster was actually quite well behaved, and only needed occasional beatings with a large stick to keep it in submission. On some days though, the Monster was determined to leave its designated place, and terrorize the entire Realm of Home. Socks and underwear would set up base camp deep within the Couch Territories and conduct raids upon the Land of Kitchen, pants would invite themselves to dinner in the town of Dining Room, and shirts would start up night clubs within the Bathroom Settlements. Eventually, all the residents of the Realm of Home grew tired of the Laundry Monsters’ tirades of terror, and decided that someone should do something about it. Meetings were held, arguments were made, and an unwilling citizen was chosen.

She was given a companion named Soap, was assured that he would serve her well, told that the Lord of Bounce would be sending reinforcements soon, and was hastily sent upon her journey. Signs of carnage were everywhere. Some pants and shirts had mingled and taken over Table Square within the heart of Dining Room, socks had completely terrorized Kitchen, and even had the Garbage Monster cornered, whimpering in terror. A gang of wet towels and smelly socks had thrown a party in the small Bathroom settlement, lying where they fell after a long night of reveling. She took all this in and sighed, amazed at the level of destruction, awed by the sheer size, but nothing prepared her for what she was to encounter within the Land of Laundry itself. It was a horrifying landscape, waves of laundry as far as the eye could see, swirling around the soldiers of Washer and Dryer. The soldiers were a welcome sight, as they would most assuredly come to her aid when the time was right, provided that she could clear the way for them.

Calling upon the Lord of Bounce to send his reinforcements, our brave heroine was last seen marching into the laundry room, head held high, to battle to the death with the dreaded laundry monster... She was never heard from again…

Her trusty companion Soap crawled out from the massacre, spent to the last drop, and related the tale of her last moments. "It was horrible! The Lord of Bounce only sent eight troops to the battle, instead of his promised hundreds! The dirty socks ganged up with the underwear and dragged her down while the pants wrapped themselves tightly around her, and a pack of under-wire bras came in for the kill! Oh the horror of it all!"

Rumor has it that on dark, quiet, nights, if you listen carefully, you can still hear the battle cries of a valiant soul and the low rumble from the soldiers of Washer and Dryer, locked still within the eternal battle of Laundry Hill.

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Postby trenmarc-eaxia » Aug 29, 2004 (5:33 pm)

chuckle good story
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