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A couple of things...

Fnid a tyop in thegame?

From commands/verbs to items to room descriptions, keep a sharp eye out for typos running rampant!

A couple of things...

Postby LATERALUS » Apr 15, 2005 (6:03 am)

I got bored, so I do what I usually do when I get bored ... bug/typo hunt. Sorry for the long post and for using the forums to post all this, but I like doing it this way better.

[Semanri, The Healers' Guild Sward]
Tall but not untidy grasses thrive beneath the shade of a small grove of trees, mostly elms and oaks, and alongside a gurgling stream that cuts through the sward, all providing a serene setting for a most beloved guild fellowship that is anything but serene. Anguished wails are a most abundant commodity, heard reguraly over the noise of the stream and rustling leaves only too clearly escaping from the rustic cottage that is home to the paragons of empathy known simply as the Healers Guild. A cobbled path traverses the distance from the nearby Jhal'Kren Lane to the side of the cottage, arching respectively over the stream on its way.


[The Healers' Guild, Triage]
Though of the simplest of decorums, the white-walled triage could be called many, many things, but boring would never be one of them. Really a wide hall that runs the entire width of the cottage, the area is is utilized to sort the injured into categories based on their needs for healing. Healers in training attend to the most peripheral examinations of the eternal tide of hurt and afflicted that make their way here to seek healing, but no rank within the organization is above tours of duty within this room it would appear, as some of the most learned healers also rush about giving aid and comfort in countless ways. Near the rear wall, a curtain hanging from the ceiling cordones off a small section from public view, but tale-tell crimson splatters on the white fabric and its close proximity to the triage make it a safe bet that extreme cases are handled there.

Lose the extra 'is'. And the 'E' in cordones, I think. Also, what's up with the second sentance, it seems weird to me.

[The Healers' Guild, Infirmary]
Stark white floor tiles and walls enfold the infirmary, and the furniture is designed for functionality rather than fluffiness, but it is within such a seemingly unfriendly environment that many of the greatest acts of compassion are executed on a daily basis. Most of the city's wounded come here to find solace and comfort and, most importantly, help and it is here that the majority of them find it in the form of a healer under the tutelage of Yeenol Lovekeeper. A random compilation of indivdual healers' stations are placed about the room, leading to a persona of what many would think chaotic, but the efficiency of the guild is never in question.


[The Healers' Guild, Portico]
Columns wound with pale variegated ivy support the heavy eaves while ferns and passaflora vines hang in baskets from the roof overhang and benches topped with floral damask cushions line the walls of the wide porch. Fresh air whips through the open side of the shaded retreat, scented with invigorating hints of herbs that grow in the garden just a short distance from the porch's steps. A glass door provides entry back into the guild.


[Semanri, City Bank]
Being surrounded by tall walls of crystaline topaz makes you feel small and insignificant inside the bank. Several marble counters, each occupied by a clerk, fill most of the room. An obsidian archway in the far back catches your eye, but there are too many people shuffling around for you to make your way over there.


[Semanri, Barlock's Appraisals]
Tiny brass oil lamps shimmer brightly from their perches along the top of the low hanging cabinets ringing this oblong workshop. A small pile of mulitcolored gems beneath a well-lit section of the workspace reflects the light. A rotund halfling man pulls his magnifying glass out of the way as he places the gems out of sight beneath the counter. He looks up with a professional smile and leans forward, ready to do business.


[Telari's Escape, Main Room]
Diamonds of warm light sparkle across the white oak hardwood floors and panels of the luxurious room from candle-lit crystal chandeliers hanging from the high, vaulted ceiling. A matching counter and bar, each half-moon shaped and made of rich, darkly stained mahogany stand on opposite corners of the spacious room. Stools edge the halfling-tended bar beside which stands snack-laden mahogany tables covered in hunter green tableclothes. A pleasant-looking female halfling stands behind the counter, greeting patrons of the establishment.


[The Mystic Strobe, Candle-Lit Store Room]
The aroma of strong incense assaults your senses here and combined with with flickering of hundreds of candles, even the most magically inept can't help feel disoriented at first. Thick sheets of purple velvet line the walls, covering board and stone, leaving no opportunity for distraction away from a dazzling display of jewelry and magical items of various types. The proprietor sits behind a crystal-top counter, a human shrouded in dark clothing himself, and inhales slowly from a pipe.

Lose a with.

[Semanri, Graklor's Pelts And Stuff]
Graklor, whom you assume to be the large, battle-scarred ogre sitting across from you at a huge, malformed wooden desk, runs this small shop. He employes a furrier who runs between customers, offering his price for this skin or that shell. Claws, teeth, bones, and other bits of... stuff... line the oaken walls. A deer-skin flap leads out.


[Semanri, The Forge]
An uncomfortable wave of heat blasts against you and the smell of sulfur and burning fuels assaults your senses. Heavy stone walls box in this window-less room, while tongs, mallots, and other instruments lay shrewn about on workbenches near a large forge. A blackened steel door leads back out.


[Mage Guild, Library]
Oak bookshelves lined against the wall are filled with thousand of books. A few tables and chairs have been arranged to provide comfort to avid scholars. The cathedral ceiling is painted with images of various magic incantations and powerful wizards fighting against hordes of monsters. Light shines through a series of narrow windows set throughout the libary. A spiraling staircase leads down to the Grand Hall and an archway to the east leads into the storage room.
Other life here: none.


[Thieves' Guild, Den of Iniquity]
Battered sofas and overstuffed chairs ring the rounded room, and large pillows have been scattered about the floor. Thieves drunk with wine lounge about, gourging themselves with food, or showing off their days' take to friends. Burning torches that light the room send plumes of black smoke towards the ceiling, staining it and much of the room with soot


Well, that's all for now. I apologize if any of these corrections are incorrect, it's early in the monring. I'll find more later, though.
~ Vaelynn ~
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Postby Leyara » Nov 18, 2005 (12:44 am)

All fixed!
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