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Character manager

Fnid a tyop in thegame?

From commands/verbs to items to room descriptions, keep a sharp eye out for typos running rampant!

Character manager

Postby ANTIHEROIC » Jun 28, 2004 (4:20 am)

Please select one of the following options:

(1) Human (8) Gnome
(2) Elf (9) Minotaur
(3) Goblin (11) Avian
(4) Troll (12) Rurowli
(5) Dwarf (13) Halfling
(6) Ogre (14) Half-Elf
(7) Drago (15) Half-Ogre

(EXPLAIN) Please explain what these races are.
(X) I have changed my mind and would like to return to the previous menu.

Are you sure you want your race to be Rurowli? If you are sure type: 23 CONFIRM
Are you sure you want your race to be Halfling? If you are sure type: 22 CONFIRM
Are you sure you want your race to be Half-Elf? If you are sure type: 12 CONFIRM
Are you sure you want your race to be Half-Ogre? If you are sure type: 16 CONFIRM
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Jun 29, 2004 (8:14 pm)

Chuckle, the old race numbers I believe, which one worked?
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Postby GDEXXY » Jun 29, 2004 (10:48 pm)

Oops, it shouldn't be telling you to confirm a number that isn't listed. It's giving you the old numbers instead of the new. Will fix it, thanks!
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