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Jaydefire's Trinkets and Knickknacks catalog error

Fnid a tyop in thegame?

From commands/verbs to items to room descriptions, keep a sharp eye out for typos running rampant!

Jaydefire's Trinkets and Knickknacks catalog error

Postby FROG » Jun 3, 2004 (12:37 pm)

A couple of the boxes in the catalog are wrong.

You turn the catalogue to the first page, and read:

Trinket Boxes:

All trinket boxes cost.........3000
Order boxes by designating your choice from these options:

golden ivory cyan-hued silver
lapis royal-blue samarskite black
crimson-painted sapphire-hued amber-encrusted yellow
green white sky-blue purple
grey citrine-hued leather monkey-carved
moonstone jade shell midnight-blue
red icey-blue rat-carved orange

~To purchase an item, simply BUY it, but please TAP it first, to insure that you get the right one.

tap icy-blue box
You tap an icy-blue box encrusted with rough chunks of hydrophane.
look icy-blue box
Resembling a block of ice, the small box is perfect for storing a few precious trinkets. Along the base is an inscription.
read icy-blue box
The inscription reads, "Ganayrn, the Winter God."

tap midnight-blue box
You tap a golden trinket box inset with an alabaster unicorn.

tap blue box
You tap a midnight blue trinket box etched with the image of a cat stalking through a cluster of touch-me-nots.
look blue box
Lined in deep blue silk, the small box is perfect for storing a few precious trinkets. Along the base is an inscription.
read blue box
The inscription reads, "Larunda, The Cunning Goddess."

In the catalog it is an icey-blue box. The box itself is icy-blue.
In the catalog there is a hyphen in midnight-blue, but not on the box.
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Postby GDAREMENTA » Jun 3, 2004 (4:29 pm)

Nice catch! I'll put in a request to have that catalog updated.

One day (after all the new stuff is out) I am going to start going back through all the old shops and towns to look for stuff like this. But in the meantime I'm glad for all the other eyes out there that notice these things. :D
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Postby GDEXXY » Jun 15, 2004 (4:06 pm)

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