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Would you like a trial allocation?

Official announcements, updates, and details about the Eaxia rebuild.

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Poll ended at Nov 2, 2003 (6:27 pm)

Resetting Trial Re-allocation
Multiple-resetting Trial Re-allocation
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Would you like a trial allocation?

Postby GDEXXY » Oct 31, 2003 (6:27 pm)

I've had a few of you come to me and ask if we could have a trial allocation.

For those of you who are re-allocating for the first time, a trial allocation is where you get to re-build your character and if you don't like the changes or didn't understand something and royally screwed up your character, you had the opportunity to re-allocate over again. With the number of changes we're launching in the rebuild, I think it's only fair to offer you the opportunity... the only question is: how would you like it?

We can (1) have a resetting trial allocation, where after a certain length of time, everyone is reset to before the allocation. Then you re-allocate for real.

Or (2) we can have a multiple-resetting trial reallocation. Every time you log in for a certain period of time, your character will be reset and you get to re-allocate again.

Also, after this poll there is another: how long would you like the trial period to last?
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