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Complete spell customization options for Mages and Wizards!

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Complete spell customization options for Mages and Wizards!

Postby GDEXXY » Oct 31, 2003 (5:53 pm)

In the quest to rebuild, rebalance, and give a fresh new start to our magic system with a fair and unique (well more unique, that is) approach to spell customization, we've decided to do the following to mage and wizard magic:

The following spells have been removed from being learnable (though we still may keep versions on spell scrolls and in magical devices): Magic Missile, Chilling Touch, Lightning, Blizzard, and Summon Shadows. This list (sadly, short) includes all damage-based spells Mages and Wizards have ever had. Good thing we've got something much better in store for you...

Mages and Wizards will be introduced to a new type of scholar program where their guildleaders will allow you to train throughout your progress in the guild (experience level) in the areas you decide. There are five domains of magic representing each of the five elements: fire, ice, earth, wind, and aether (aether = electricity, energy, etc.). Holy, Living, and other types of magic are practiced by other classes -- so I won't discuss them in this post.

Of each of the five domains, there are four spells ranging of various power. From the start, you know how to cast none of them, but can spend spell training points (STP) on learning new spells or improving spells you already know how to cast. Since each creature is susceptible to certain types of damage (and some are impervious to other type of magic), it's important to use magic wisely against creatures. I pity the poor mage fool who tries to cast his level 3 Frost Fist against an ice dragon.

Every level, you gain spell training points (STP) to spend on increasing either a level of a spell you already know or on learning a new spell in a domain. Spells have requirements on when they can be learned, however. For example, the third fire spell requires that you have learned the second fire spell and have trained it to at least level 2 (two points spent on that spell in total).

Increasing the level of each spell helps increase its power, lower casting and preparation time, and lowering mana costs. Each spell can be increased to a maximum of level 5.

Also, by learning all of the spells in a domain, you gain special titles. By mastering them to a certain degree, you gain more special titles. You can also earn special abilities by meeting simular level requirements (both "across the board" in all domains and just in a single domain). For example, the title Fire Mage requires that you have increased all of the fire spells to at least level 3. This particular accomplishment also earns you the Fire Synergy ability, which gives you +1 damage to all fire spells (permanent, and is in addition to any other bonuses from other abilities and trainings).

An interesting twist we added to these spells is that each of them can be used from any range. If you use them at melee range, your offender will feel the brunt of a close-range blast of magic which requires far less effort to cast, but if you cast the same spell from a safe and distant range, be prepared to expend extra energy making it happen!

It may sound complicated at first, but the only complexity is in choice: how do you want to train your mage or wizard? Do you want to focus in one area and become a master of one or two elemental domains or do you want to be equally strong in all areas? Here is an example of how a new mage might play his character:

Bob joins the mage's guild and receives 1 spell training point (STP) for joining. He uses it to learn the first fire spell, Singe, which becomes level 1 automatically. Bob adventures until he is ready to see his guildleader about approaching level 2.

Bob seeks his guildleader and becomes level 2 after sufficient experience and receives another STP. He uses it to learn the second fire spell, FlameStream, which becomes level 1 automatically. He now has the first two spells in the fire domain, but doesn't know any spells from ice, earth, wind, or aether yet. Bob adventures until he is ready to see his guildleader about approaching level 3.

Bob seeks his guildleader and becomes level 3 after sufficient experience and receives 2 STPs. Mages and Wizards gain 2 STPs every 3rd level. He uses one to train Singe to level 2 and uses the other to learn the first ice spell, Frost, which becomes level 1 automaticall.y He now has the first two spells in the fire domain (level 2 Singe and level 1 FlameStream) and the first spell in the ice domain (level 1 Frost) and continues on with his adventures...

Other Mage and Wizard spells that serve a utility and/or buffing purpose we have kept and will add to in the future. These include Locate Person, Flash, Mystical Anchor, Teleport, and Mystical Tunnel.

For those of you who are curious, there are enough spell training points (STPs) within the first 75 levels of being a Mage/Wizard to advance to level 5 in each of the 4 spells in each of the 5 domains (a total of 100 STPs). By then, there will be a list of Essense-based magic (higher form of magic than Elemental) that may follow the same pattern -- this is yet undecided, but we'd love to hear your feedback on this idea and this system!
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