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What happened to Rogues? Introducing Travelers.

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What happened to Rogues? Introducing Travelers.

Postby GDEXXY » Oct 30, 2003 (12:31 pm)

The Rogue class is being renamed to Traveler.

The idea of Rogues seem to give the impression that they are thieves (or nearto the same), which isn't entirely accurate. Rogues are miscellaneous characters. They're not a fighter, mage, cleric, or monk. Or at least not entirely any of them. They're a catch-all.

But the definition of a rogue and the conceptual stereotype of rogues and thieves get mixed together, so to help clear the confusion, we've renamed the base class to Traveler.

Their function, evolved classes, etc. haven't changed any from being Rogues, but hopefully this class rename will help clear their confusion some.
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