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Experience details: requiremements (progression)

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Experience details: requiremements (progression)

Postby GDEXXY » Oct 30, 2003 (10:36 am)

Our entire experience progression system has changed.

While it still escalates some from level to level, it does not do so exponentially. For those of you interested in the specifics, our current/previous experience system required an additional XP of (level x 1,000). If you were level 45 hoping to make 46, you would need an additional 45,000 XP.

For example, under the old system, the first ten levels of XP requirements are:

1 0
2 1,000
3 2,000
4 3,000
5 4,000
6 5,000
7 6,000
8 7,000
9 8,000
10 9,000

Our new system works in scales of level ranges and a more complex formula, but on a (very) general basis, the progression is roughly one-third of what it was before.

The first ten levels of XP requirements under the new system are:

1 0
2 200
3 500
4 1000
5 1500
6 1850
7 2450
8 3050
9 3650
10 4250

Note that the XP values shown represent new XP required for the next level, not accumulative. For example, if you are level 5 and have 1,500 XP, you need an additional 1,850 XP to reach the next level.

On higher ranges, the amount of new XP between levels (difference) deteriorates (instead of increasing, as it does now). For example, under the current system, it requires 1,225,000 XP to be level 50 but under the new system it only requires 421,200 XP.
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