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Damage ratings

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Damage ratings

Postby SACKETT3 » Nov 5, 2003 (1:39 pm)

I have a quick question about the way damage ratings show up under the information command. Shouldnt our damage rating change according to what weapon we are weilding? When I weild a dagger, a shortsword, a heavy mace, or a halbred all my damage rating and my to-hit rating stay the same, even thow all those weapons should hit with different effects.

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Re: Damage ratings

Postby GDEXXY » Nov 5, 2003 (6:08 pm)

Damage rating is an indication of your character's ability to deal damage with the type of weapon you're wielding (plus any other bonuses). It currently does not display the damage rating of the weapon you may be wielding. It's very likely we'll change this to display more information in the near future.
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