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Retreating is a problem

General discussion for the Eaxia rebuild.

Retreating is a problem

Postby SACKETT3 » Nov 4, 2003 (9:40 pm)

I seem to have a problem back peddling. I dont learn any EXP for stone giants, so tried my hand at at the smallest jungathas (marbled and stripped). As soon as I got to melee on a stripped jungatha it seemed to get in a good hit on me every swing she took, after I received a small bleeder I tried to retreat. I actualy treid to retreat 6 times with a 4 sec. rt each time. Hence it to be said, I died in a quick grotesque manner. I only want to know why it seems that there is such a big difference between stone giants and the small jungathas?

signed: Otheous the lost
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