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Area/Rooms Development Staff Wanted

Area/Rooms Development Staff Wanted

Postby GDAREMENTA » May 27, 2004 (7:20 pm)

Do you enjoy writing, and thinking creatively? If so, we could use a hand from someone like you in the Area/Rooms department!

I'm currently looking for new staff members in this department. I need those who seek a creative outlet and a chance to make a valuable contribution to our online gaming community. Working in this department involves the process of designing rooms and areas, as well as all of the things that go within.

This process is more than just writing descriptions, although this is one part of it. It involves bringing the very game itself to life. It is up to us to make new areas fun and interesting for players who seek adventure!

Area development staff members have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the game life. A new town or hunting area can only be as interesting as its contents, and that's part of what's up to us: we're the ones who add interesting things to interact with, hidden places to adventure into, fun and games, shops to buy new goods, tasty treats, and whatever else your imagination can come up with. :)

*Note: This position does not require any programming or coding experience! ;)
Area Development Manager
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