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Area-Specific Damage (1.0)

Damage done to limbs and specific areas of the body.

Area-Specific Damage (1.0)

Postby GDEXXY » Jul 8, 2003 (5:25 pm)

Area-specific damage is now live. Here's how it works (for now):

When you take combat damage from NPCs, you stand the chance to take damage to a limb or other part of your body depending on how much damage you took. The area of your body is currently completely random until better messaging is written. The more health you lose, the worse the damage is going to be.

You can see how much physical damage you've taken by typing HEALTH or looking at yourself. The following areas can be damaged:

    torso (chest, abdomen, shoulders, back)
    right arm
    left arm
    right hand
    left hand
    right leg
    left leg
    wing (Avians)
    tail (Rurowli and Drago)
As well, you can also take internal damage to two areas:

We do not have damage for skin, scars, nerves, spirit, or any other area not listed above.

If an area reaches a certain level of damage, your character will begin to suffer regular health loss depending on the severity of the damage in that area. The more damage you have and the more areas affected, the more health you will lose.

If you lose a hand, you can no longer use it (as it technically doesn't exist anymore). If you lose both hands, you're in some real trouble. If you lose a leg, you will no longer be able to sit, kneel, or stand. If you take too much damage to your head, you may not be able to think properly (which is required in casting spells, using the thought network, appraising items, disabling traps, etc.).

Should you find yourself injured, you may find healing in one of two ways:

    clerical magic... the better the spell, the wider range of physical damage that can be repaired
    dying and then RELEASEing your spirit to form a new body

Healers will be able to repair physical damage that clerics cannot, when the class is live. We will also have NPCs that heal and possibly other ways to heal physical damage in the future.

Other methods of health restoration currently do not repair physical damage: healing potions, pixies, Monk's Focus ability, Paladin's Lay On Hands ability, etc.

Currently, areas of severe and critical injury can NOT be tended to or wrapped up to prevent health loss.

Only combat damage dealt from an NPC's physical attack will deal physical damage. Damage dealt by magic, players, etc. will not cause physical damage yet. Likewise, NPCs do not have an area-specific damage system yet so they will still take damage as a raw health pool.

Enjoy area-specific damage!
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