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New Hunting Area and Weapons!

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New Hunting Area and Weapons!

Postby GDAUTUMN » May 13, 2016 (7:42 pm)

Ya'll asked for stuff, I have provided! An new hunting area has been added to the outskirt of V'Rung. Included in this area is a mini quest in which you can be awarded new weapons! The quest giver will not speak with you unless you are level 110 or higher. This is to keep things on par with what Ruza does, and the level access required to him. The critters in this area, also, should be a little bit more difficult than what the Ceslestials are. There are a total of 10 weapon types to be hand, and there is no limit to the amount of these weapons that you can have. However, they do bind to you.

I will leave the details for you guys to figure out. Enjoy!
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