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Is Autumn Missing?!

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Is Autumn Missing?!

Postby GDAUTUMN » Aug 27, 2010 (12:24 pm)

No, guys, I'm not missing.

Some of you know already, some of you don't, but somewhere during the duration of my flight to Exxy's house my laptop decided to die on me -- the LCD went out, so I had to send it in for repair, which has since been returned to his house.

However, I am at my mother's and in the process of packing and shipping stuff to move. :)

I'll be pretty scarce until after the 9th, but probably until the 14th or so I have a couple of days to get settled. Once everything gets unpacked and moving stress mellows out expect to see me around all of the time again. :)

I'm still available by IMs (GDAutumn on AIM) and e-mail (GD-AutumnATeaxia.com) should anyone need anything.

During this time customizable store purchases (Alterations, CCDs) may be delayed, as I'm the one that primarily does them.
GameDirector Autumn,
Exxy's do-everything girl.
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Eaxia Online senior staff
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