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Eaxia Player Summit (meeting for everyone)

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Eaxia Player Summit (meeting for everyone)

Postby GDEXXY » Mar 5, 2009 (8:35 am)

I'd like to invite everyone who's a current Eaxia Online player (paid or free) to join me in game this Saturday, March the 7th at noon eastern time for our first Eaxia Player Summit.

The intention for this meeting is to address the game's current situation and address the most critical problems first. It will proceed into conversations about the future of the game's developmental direction. There might be pie. And cheese.

For reference, the meeting will be held at the following time per time zone:

United States:
9:00 AM US Pacific (PDT) / GMT-8
10:00 AM US Mountain (MDT) / GMT-7
11:00 AM US Central (CDT) / GMT-6
Noon US Eastern (EDT) / GMT-5

17:00 WET GMT+1
18:00 CET GMT+1
4:00 AM AU EDT GMT+11 (on March 8th)

I expect that it can take us up to a couple of hours, maybe longer, to sort everything out that everyone wants to talk about. Plus the water balloon fight. Make sure you're ready for the long haul, and if you can't make it or stay for the entire time, please have someone speak on your behalf. Or e-mail me and I'll address your concerns. A log of the meeting (or at least the relevant parts) will be made available afterwards.
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