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Downtime 09/14/08 - 09/16/08

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Downtime 09/14/08 - 09/16/08

Postby GDPALLIDAR » Sep 16, 2008 (12:42 pm)

As many of you may have noticed, Haelrahv, Eaxia and all RPGN related services were unavailable from about 1:00pm Sunday until about 2:30pm today (Tuesday).

When I moved (and thus moved RPGN's equipment) from Florida to Kentucky, I never imagined that a hurricane would cause more disruption in Kentucky than it ever had in Florida - but Ike proved me wrong on that assumption. Elements associated with former Hurricane Ike rolled through the area, causing a lot of damage in Kentucky. Power was lost in over 16 counties, totalling 340,000 or more without power, including where the RPGN equipment is housed. Power was restored today.

We have brought the games back online, and all should be well from this point on. I have credited all HR and EO trial and paid accounts by three days of service. Thanks for your patience, and my heartfelt sympathies extend to others affected by the storm. Being out of power 2 days was not a fun event - I cannot imagine the far worse conditions the storm has left others in.
:: Rich Mondy, CEO, RPGN
:: Trevor Rage [Haelrahv]
:: GD Pallidar [Eaxia]
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Eaxia Online senior staff
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