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Connectivity Issues

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Connectivity Issues

Postby GDPALLIDAR » Nov 12, 2007 (11:41 pm)

An update for those of you who can access this site to read it:

We've had problems with very slow transfer rates all weekend. I spoke with Comcast, who scheduled a trouble call for Monday Nov 12. The arriving tech determined the most likely cause was the SMC cable modem/router, which was replaced with a newer model.

This appeared to correct problems with data transfer speeds at the time, however, from roughly 4:00PM Eastern on, connectivity to various places on the net has been erratic or impossible. For instance, I cannot access common sites such as yahoo.com, but can access others. Likewise, players connecting to the games/sites/etc can sometimes connect fine, but other cannot reach at all. The technician left, fully aware there were problems. I contacted other support chains within Comcast.

This was determined to be due to a routing configuration problem that must be corrected by a special "routing team" within Comcast's staff. It was not until roughly 8:00PM that this was determined to be the problem and the issue was turned over to the team. I was notified the issue would hopefully be resolved as quickly as a little over 15 minutes, but that it could take up to 4 hours (midnight Eastern).

I placed a call at midnight when the connection was still clearly in distress. I was informed the case was still open (that is, no one in the routing team had completed it yet) and that all members of that team leave at 10:00PM Eastern time. Why I was earlier advised to call back in four hours if not resolved is not clear. The team is not present from the hours of 10:00PM until 6:00AM.

At this point the matter has been escalated through management chains, to in theory be resolved early in the morning. I am expecting to receive a call early in the morning from said management, but will resume my own calls if not.

If there's anything I hope our wonderful customers have learned over the span of the past few years, it is a testament to the unreliability of Comcast as an Internet Service Provider. Nonetheless, I will see to it that this is resolved ASAP.
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