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Non-Roleplaying Behavior

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Non-Roleplaying Behavior

Postby GDIRIS » Mar 5, 2006 (10:32 pm)

Hello everyone!

Just a quick introduction. My name is Iris and I am the department manager for Game Presence. I just want to mention that I am beyond excited to be on board and am ready to get the ball going!

What I would like to bring up here is OOC (Out of character) and IC (In Character) character behavior. I would like to remind everyone that Eaxia is a role-play enforced game. This means on the Thought channel as well as when you are not in a player home, all discussion must fit into IC standards. Below I have posted the policy on non-roleplay behavior if you are unsure of what this entails.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at GD-Iris@XXXXX.XXX.

Non-role-playing behavior also referred to as "out of character" or "out of genre" is not permitted by users/players in forms that can be viewed by other players. Conversations containing such discussions should be kept to whispers or in the privacy of the user/player's in-game home. (Example: "Phone call", "I keep getting disconnected", "I have a 24 in my strength stat") The only exception to this is during a session directly involving Eaxia staff.

The use of non-alphanumeric ASCII symbols in character speech may be considered as being "out of character". An example of this would be, "**** Selling a black silk cloak*****", or : P ,or : -) etc. Use of modern slang words or internet "chat-slang" such as dude, kewl, U2, U (instead of You), WTF, AFK, BRB, BRT is considered "out of character".

"Out of Character" behavior is also defined as repetitive scrolling of the screen with actions or words that disrupt the play of others. Such behavior lessens the enjoyment of other players and is considered rude.

"Out of character" behavior may result in an official warning and a "Minor Violation" mark being placed in the user/player's permanent record.
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Eaxia Online senior staff
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