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Inventory and Home Content Limitations

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Inventory and Home Content Limitations

Postby GDEXXY » Jan 19, 2006 (12:37 pm)

Currently, there are no restrictions to the number of items you can pile up in your house, which we designed intentionally to allow very flexible control over what items you keep and which you don't. The unfortunate reality of this is that some of you choose to hoard tons of items (literally, some homes have over four thousand items in a single room) and squeeze them into your house. While this is unrealistic, it also poses some technical hardships on the server including frequent and sporadic reports of lag.

Likewise, some of you carry many hundreds of items on your character. As a result, encumbrance levels and their effects on combat, spellcasting, etc. will be reviewed in an effort to restrict this as some characters have upwards of over 600+ items in their inventory.

So what we intend to do is this.:
  • homes will have a set item limit per room
  • character's encumbrance levels will be re-evaluated
  • encumbrance effect on actions such as combat, spellcasting, etc. will be reviewed

The actual limit on home room has not yet been determined, but we are expecting a limit of approximately 250 items per room, perhaps more. Homes that already exceed this limit will require their owner to remove items from the room until it has reached its limit. We will have a timer per home, probably a week or two from when the character who owns that home first logs in (so if that character isn't playing right now, this won't affect them until they do). Items that are not removed after the timer expires will be permanently deleted, so it's important that when you play a character, you tend to your house in a timely manner.

Significant changes to encumbrance will be released separately.

These changes have NOT been made yet (as of the date of this posted message). This is just a warning that these changes are coming and you should be prepared to manage your home soon (or do it early). To help estimate how many items are in your home, remember that you can APPRAISE a container to check how many items are inside of it.
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