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PayPal eCheck Payments

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PayPal eCheck Payments

Postby GDEXXY » Apr 15, 2005 (1:15 pm)

We are no longer accepting PayPal eCheck payments due to PayPal Seller Protection policies and United States law. Unfortunately, there are a number of loopholes that would allow money to be legally stolen from us through eCheck payments and PayPal Inc. can't offer any kind of protection to its sellers (us). Not only can this happen -- it has. Resultantly, we have changed our seller preferences with PayPal to no longer accept any eCheck payments.

eChecks are 'virtual checks' that are digitally sent to PayPal to fund a transaction made -- for example, paying for an Eaxia Online subscription. They draft from your checking account as if you had actually written a check.

For those of you who have previously used eCheck payments and are looking for a payment processing solution, please consider any of the following:

(1) make payments with either (a) a credit card or (b) a debit card from your checking account with a Visa or MasterCard logo. Payments made this way, even if they draw from a bank's checking account, are not considered to be eCheck payments.

(2) use the Add Funds button at PayPal.com approximately a week in advance from when your subscription is due. You can add funds using a credit card, a debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo, or an eCheck. Then subscription payments will be made out of available funds you've added to your PayPal account.

(3) mail us a check or money order using the address at this page: www.eaxia.com/account/prepaid.php

Also consider taking the advantage of a prepaid package. Not only do they offer discounts and free alterations, but they keep away the hassle of monthly subscription payments. Take a look at our prepaid packages here.

I understand the frustration of having to adjust and modify your billing methods and wish we didn't have to take this action to protect ourself. For those of you who do have eCheck-billed subscriptions, the payments will fail (and will indicate that the seller's payment preferences does not accept eChecks) and eventually the subscription will cancel itself after a few days. It's okay to cancel this subscription immediately or let it run out on its own, but you should review your billing information anyway just to be safe. To renew your Eaxia account, simply choose any of the above methods.

Sorry for any frustration and inconvenience this causes everyone.
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