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Character restoral policy

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Character restoral policy

Postby GDEXXY » Feb 24, 2005 (6:02 pm)

Recently, our partner product (Haelrahv) posted a character and inventory restoral policy (www.haelrahv.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=3256) and considering a number of requests we have had recently for the restoration of deleted and rerolled characters, we have decided to post likewise. Given that the Eaxia Online database structure is radically different than any other game, including Haelrahv, we have decided to use a different restoral policy.

This particular policy covers the restoration of a character that has been deleted from an account or rerolled since January 1st, 2004. This includes the following data associated with a character: level, experience, spells, abilities, skill ranks, wealth (including banked wealth), class, race, character features (including custom character descriptions, if one exists), ability scores (stats), mage/wizard spell trainings, and a number of other vital statistics.

For deleted characters, inventory and vault restorations will be automatic. For rerolled characters, inventory and vault details will not change (since the character's inventory and vault are not affected during the reroll process).

Due to the extensive nature of investigating and performing character restorations from a database backup archive, we will assess a fee for the restoration service should restoration even be possible (in some rare cases it may not be). If a character's data was destroyed due to a fault with the game itself (game crash, faulty hardware, etc.), character restorations will be provided freely, but under no other circumstance (accidental deletions, friends or family members rerolling characters, etc.).

Character restoration fees will be applied as follows:

Deleted character: $40.00 USD
Rerolled character: $75.00 USD

The process of each requires completely different approaches and techniques, and a great deal more time to restore a rerolled character than a deleted one, therefore the cost to perform each restoral reflects that time and effort.

Under two other circumstances could the restoral cost be higher:

(a) a character was rerolled, then deleted from an account entirely
(b) a character was deleted, then a new character with the same name as the old was created (created by anyone)

If the restoral request falls under either of the two above, the restoration process will become more difficult, but still manageable. A restoral fee of $100.00 USD will be assessed under these conditions.
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