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Combat rewrite features

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Combat rewrite features

Postby GDEXXY » Jan 4, 2005 (10:18 pm)

Here is a brief summary of what you should expect out of the combat rewrite...

Completely new equipment system, boasting six different equipment areas (seven if you count the shield) using a better skill-based system.

New fighting styles including:
  • four new martial art sub-styles (available only to Martial Artists)
  • an unarmed combat style called Huratzan (available only to Rurowli)
  • whips, chains, and other simular medium-range weapons
  • thrown weapons

Full messaging fixes using a more powerful text engine to be descriptive and entertaining, as well as informative.

Complete ranged weapons rewrite.

Complete unarmed combat rewrite.

Node fixes, treating both players and NPCs as equals which will fix NPC vs NPC combat, player vs player combat, and some engagement issues as well as making new combat code and fixes easy to streamline, including new abilities and spells.

Several other things I have up my sleeves...
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